The Social Media Stock Market: Part 2

The Social Media Stock Market – Part 2

A responsible financial strategy – making sound investments consistently in a diversified portfolio – will, over time, result in financial gain. The same principles apply to social media marketing. Regularly posting quality content on several carefully chosen social media channels will, over time, result in business growth.

We continue with the final three tips on how to game the social media stock market.

4. Share! Or Sell! As you come across well-written content – articles and blog posts, white papers and case studies, and even videos and webinars that are related to your industry – post a link on your page. Sell the idea that your business is worth being continuously traded on multiple social media channels.

The best curated content generally doesn’t directly compete with your business and usually complements your own blog content. For instance, curating content from the National Hockey League and the United States Figure Skating Association might help if you own an ice rink. 

Over time, sharing curated content benefits your business in a couple of ways.

First, providing value will build credibility and trust with your prospects and customers – compounding interest. Secondly, when you support other businesses, you open the door for other businesses to follow you and share your content.

5. Engage with Your ReadersAs a business, your number one motivation for being active on social media is to increase lead generation and sales. Building relationships is the most important aspect of your social media strategy.

Let us repeat. Engaging readers on social media channels is the Single. Most. Important. Part.

When a follower leaves a comment on your blog, thank them for taking the time to connect. Or:

  • Start conversations by asking questions, listening & responding
  • Do a giveaway or run a contest
  • Conduct polls and surveys, then publish the results
  • Include social sharing buttons on your blog posts
  • Use your social media pages and blog posts to build an email list

Help your readers interact with you by interacting with them. You always want to keep investors happy in the end, but you need to remind them why you’re making them happy every chance you can get.

6. Pay Attention to Your Results – Tracking the growth of your investment portfolio allows you to adjust as the markets change. The same is true with your social media strategy. Paying attention to what is and is not working helps you fine-tune your approach and define tactics that will increase growth.

Keeping track of metrics such as social shares, page views, traffic, acquisition and bounce rates determine how you can tweak your social media strategy for more success.

When you notice that a specific piece of content has higherthanaverage views and shares, pay attention. This is the best indicator of the type of content your audience appreciates. Check the day and time.

Be aware of trending topics, text or video. Each social network will have its own way of analyzing data. Modeling future content on what’s most popular and re-sharing your best posts are solid social media growth tactics.

Strategic investing in social media marketing takes time and work, but it is a cost-effective way to grow your business. Building a business page on a well-established platform like Facebook and inviting customers and friends is a good place to start.

There’s just one more thing to consider. If it makes sense to hire a financial investment expert when your retirement savings are at stake, doesn’t it make sense to talk to an online marketing expert at Valorous Circle?

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