The Academy

The Academy

Welcome to Valorous Circle Marketing's exclusive digital marketing training powerhouse

As a service company, you understand the significance of a strong online presence, and with our membership package, you gain unlimited access to a treasure trove of knowledge and resources designed to elevate your digital marketing game. Our academy is available to you 24/7, ensuring that you can conquer the web on your schedule.

What to Expect

Inside the Academy, we’re always adding to our library of training, information, and resources that cover every facet of digital marketing. From mastering Responsive Web Design to optimizing your Google Business profile, fine-tuning your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, managing your online reputation, generating leads, crafting compelling content, and unraveling the mysteries of Data Analytics and Insights – it’s all here at your fingertips.

Our iconic wheel graphic perfectly illustrates how these pieces come together to form a winning digital marketing strategy.

Tools to Simplify Your Digital Marketing Efforts

We don’t stop at education. We provide practical tools to simplify your digital marketing efforts. Expect monthly social media post templates, ChatGPT prompts to fuel your content creation, and customizable forms and QR codes that facilitate seamless communication with your customers. The Academy isn’t just a resource; it’s your gateway to mastering digital marketing and staying ahead in the ever-evolving online landscape. Join the circle of success and conquer the web with Valorous Circle Marketing’s The Academy. Your journey to digital marketing excellence begins here.


Continuous Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

Access our vast library of digital marketing resources, including video tutorials, guides, and expert insights, at your convenience, 24/7. Stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.


Ready-to-Use Templates for Effortless Content Creation

Streamline your social media presence with monthly post templates. Craft engaging content effortlessly, maintain consistency, and keep your audience captivated with minimal effort.


Efficient Customer Engagement Tools

Simplify customer communication with our customizable forms and QR codes. Connect with your clients swiftly, making it easier than ever to understand their needs and provide top-notch service.