Spice Up Your Content Marketing Calendar by Creating Holiday-Specific Content

Spice Up Your Content Marketing Calendar

Hopefully, you already have a content marketing calendar. If not, there is no time like the present, and as we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and more, you have the opportunity to include some holiday-specific content.

It doesn’t even have to be specifically related to your industry. For example, later this month we will be doing a “What We Are Thankful For” blog post. This has nothing to do with web design and online marketing, but it is an opportunity to show our human side, as well as play off the holiday theme.

You can spice up your content content marketing calendar calendar and create additional engagement opportunities with holiday-specific content.

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Benefits of Creating Holiday-Themed Content

1. You Are Human: By incorporating holiday themes into your content, you are able to show more of the personal side of your business. Similar to social media, you don’t want your blog to be missing the human element. Thus, writing this lighter content offers a nice change of pace for readers.

2. Beat Writer’s Block: It’s also a nice way to come up with additional content ideas when you’re struggling to find industry-specific topics. Even if you have your content marketing calendar set for the remainder of the year, consider picking a couple posts to push back to next quarter, because that eliminates the need of coming up with as many ideas then.

3. Have Some Fun: Besides providing a change of pace for readers, it also allows you to deviate from writing your normal topics. When creating lighter posts, you can have more fun with the writing and even come up with some clever picture opportunities.

Don’t yet have a content calendar? Unsure of how to come up with the best topics or don’t have time to write yourself? We can help. Contact us today for more information.

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