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The little things we do, they’re getting seeded and planted and they’re living there and we don’t even know it. And what if we planted things intentionally and dropped our bbs and our glitter everywhere? We could decorate the world if we just viewed little things as important.

Hi, and welcome to the 91-Day Success Podcast. I’m Jonathan, and I am thrilled today to have a friend of mine, Jean, from Social Media Pros with me. She is going to just amaze you with some of her practical, easy-to-implement knowledge to help you grow your business. And Jean, I just wanna thank you for taking the time.

I know you’ve got so much going on but I appreciate the time. To share with us on that. Can you give everybody that’s watching, again, primarily business owners and business leaders, but can you give ’em a little introduction to yourself? You and I met a while ago, but I’d rather have you share on your own.

Tell me a little bit about Jean. Okay. Thank you. I appreciate being here. I’m honored to be here with you, Jonathan. You were so nice. You’re one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. I am Jean, I’m married to Leon. I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We’ve been here for 32 years. And that’s as long as I’ve ever been anywhere, but we get to travel a lot in our RV, so yeah, we have the best of everything.

And I was a homeschooled mom to two wonderful adults who are now my best friends. But I was doing it before it was legal and I got arrested for it once.  and I kept on, and now those children have graduate degrees and they speak several languages and I just want to go na. I did the right thing. But after my children were raised, we were really poor back in those days.

I remember cashing in pot bottles to buy baby food and crazy things like that. And I didn’t have a career. I did go to college. Late, but I, my kids was, my career. And then when the kids were grown up and in college, I learned about business and I thought this looks fun. And it was. And when we moved to Myrtle Beach, there was no answering service there.

Not even the phone company had a voicemail. And my husband said to me, this is our next. And so I started an automated answering service 28 years ago, and it still pays me very well. And if you call anywhere in town or the south you’re probably gonna hear my voice on something. And that got boring, Jonathan because it runs itself.

So about 10 years ago, I said, oh, this local marketing thing, this is.  popping up. This looks interesting. And I was in a motorcycle riding club if you can believe that. And so there was another gal who had been a Microsoft certified trainer who was in the group. She said, let’s partner up and do a business and learn about local marketing.

I said, okay, let’s do it. And as fast as we would learn something, we would teach. And we started teaching it to the Chambers of Commerce on weekly webinars. And then you can’t sell because it’s a nonprofit, but you can say, if you need any help, just call me. And then they would call you. And that was how we got our clients.

And but it made me a generalist and everything and that became not so much.  now, my partner loved it. I grew to hate it because I didn’t like SEO. It was hard. I was getting older and so I gave all the business to her. Much of my husband’s horror. I gave all the business away and just went back to, depending on my answering service until I figured out what to do and I did figure it out finally.

I started a social media posting and management service. Tell us a little bit more about that. I’d love social media and I saw I saw some graphics being advertised online for chiropractors, and it was a guy teaching you how to do social posting and I thought, I have a chiropractor.

Okay. So I bought that pack of graphics and I said we’ll see if this works. So I asked if I could come in for my appointment a few minutes early, at the lunch hour. And I had something to show him. And so I showed him the graphics and I said, can I post for you on your Facebook page?

And he said, how much? And I said, $99 a. Just picked it outta the air, and then I figured out how to auto post with some software and then I just set it up, pushed a button, made, put a watermark on all the images, and pushed the button there it went. That was four years ago and he’s still my customer. And then I thought, that’s amazing.

I wonder if I could get it, so let’s see, who else do I have a close relationship with? I know my veterinarian.  because I have dogs. Okay? So I hired a team of graphic designers in the Philippines to make me some beautiful graphics. And I wrote the content and I went to my vet and I said, Hey, how about if I posted your Facebook page?

Okay? And so by that time I had gotten a little bolder and I charged him more. And then I started doing that with everybody I met, Just naturally, it happened. Oh my lawn care guy, you need something on your Facebook page. Oh, but I don’t know where to get it. I’ll fix you right up. And then my next pack was for lawn care.

And it just went on like that. And I didn’t have a real master plan. It was called marketing by Wandering. I love it. Now, later on, I did get serious about finding some people using, email strategies, but my natural go-to is, oh, we’re going to the karaoke bar tonight. Fine. I’ll come back with a client cuz I will find people that need what I need.

Oh, golly, the tire blew out on the RV and we’re stuck at the discount tire in San Antonio. I know while he’s doing it, they’re getting the work done. I’ll chat up a guy out here at the picnic table and now I have a remodeling client from San Antonio. So that’s just how it went. Now I know everybody can’t be me and everybody can’t just talk all the time and engage with everybody they meet.

But it’s been a great business. I’ve got graphics now for 80 different kinds of business.  and for agencies and it just continues to grow. I’ve got a whole team of people doing it now. . Jean, I love your passion and I always have loved your passion as well as your just-get-it-done attitude.

You’ve always been focused on just moving ahead. And when we first met, I remember, you were sharing things and you did the same thing with us by, you started by sharing things with me that were, you didn’t even have to, it’s here, let me give you this. And you added value to my life.

And that started building a relationship and desire to continue to work with you. And I just love that model and how you’ve done it. Talk to me a little, talk to me a little bit about, probably the most common thing I hear from businesses when it comes to social media is that’s great, but it doesn’t make me any money.

Now my belief there is that social media is not about making you money by making sales that you tie back to a post. It’s not about, Hey, I’m running a $99 special on carpet cleaning and doing that. It’s about positioning yourself as the expert in the top of mind awareness so that when my back hurts and I decide I want a chiropractor or need a new chiropractor, or I need to have my house painted, or whatever the case is.

, that I think of that individual. You may or may not agree with me cause we’ve not talked about this, but Gene, tell me your perspective. Where does social media fit in for a business owner and why is it that so many business owners in your mind think it’s not worth their time? It’s because they’re ignorant of the truth and it’s not their fault.

I don’t know that anyone’s told them, but you may or might not know this, Jonathan. Before I jumped into this in a big way, I did a lot of research and I do not promise ROI like I had to do with SEO. O I do not promise that. Sure. I promise to keep their pages and their platforms active on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Okay? Now, here’s the thing. If. , go to your phone and type in chiropractor near me. On Facebook, it returns a three-pack, just like Google. It’s a search engine. . Now, my next thought was how do people get to the top of that? And I found some people who worked at Facebook who were, I had Conne.

I have connections. I know people who know people, and. Interview them about this. And the deal is if you’re doing well on Google and Facebook, it sends social signals out everywhere. Absolutely. One feeds the other. And so all you have to do basically in the social media world is make sure you have something going out every day.

I don’t care if it’s.  funny things. It doesn’t have to all be about roofing or chiropractic. I have absolutely, I have packs that are called daily celebrations and it’s hugger, puppy day, and people like that kind of stuff. And we weave those into the educational, so I call it entertainment.

Yes. You wanna educate people and you wanna entertain people. And I have one called one.  for one, once a day. It’s called this Day in History. And we’ll highlight something that happened globally on this day in history. It’s fascinating. I’ve got one called 20th Century inventions. I learned so much just doing the research for that.

And so it, you just wanna keep it active and it isn’t so much about making money, but look at the most successful agencies that you know. , how many of them are ignoring social media? None. None of them. Yeah, none. So what’s so true? That’s what I found out. . I appreciate you sharing that, and I think you’re right.

I think it’s because so many business leaders are ignorant and it’s not their fault. Nobody has told them. I think just the opposite. So many of these gurus, if I could do air quotes, are out there telling everybody that, if you do this, you’re going to add thousands of dollars a month to your business, or tens of thousands or millions to your business while.

Truth at some level to that. I don’t think, they explain how it works. And it’s much like you and I were talking just before this call and we said it’s when you sell something to somebody for a hundred dollars a course or whatever, they often think it’s gonna change their life.

And they’re frustrated when it doesn’t. When you sell that same course to somebody for $10,000, they go, wow, I got a nugget. That’s gonna help me grow my business. And they’re happy. It’s a perception of value where that’s at. Yeah. And I think that’s really where social media fits in too.

It is. That’s interesting. . Now Jean, in our case, if we want to and we’ll put links in so I know if you know somebody wants to hire you to help with that, we’ll put those links in. But you also, I know, create courses and stuff like that. , can you tell us anything about any of your courses that are either out there or that are coming up that our listeners might be interested in?

Yeah, I’ve got one coming out Monday. And this one has a simple. It’s called social agency kit.com, social agency kit, and it’s one of those, it’s not necessarily a course in that I’m not gonna do a lot of training other than I’m gonna train people the importance of each social platform.

It’s more of an information transfer than I’m not becoming a coach. Okay. Gotcha. . But we do train on the importance of each platform and how to set up those platforms for your business if you don’t have it. And then I’m giving a whole bunch of beautifully made graphics along with the comments that need to post in that four agencies.

Now, this one is for an agent. It’s not for roofers and plumbers and doctors and lawyers. This is for the digital agency. And it comes out Monday on a platform called Warrior Plus. . Maybe people have heard of that. Very familiar with it. Absolutely. Okay. All right. Yeah, I was buying a lot of stuff from Warrior Plus in the beginning, and I was on a cruise if you would allow me just to tell you this funny story.

Sure. Oh, I love stories. Please, Jean. I was on a cruise called the Marketers. , and this is before Covid of course. And so we got down to Ousel and of course, there were these big old meetings at night. People would gather in a single called Pizza and Profits and we would do deals and get to know each other and, meet new people.

And so we were in port on a long day in Ousel and everybody wanted to do the water. . I didn’t care about the water. I live at the beach. I’d rather go to the mountains. Sure. And so I chose to go on a Jeep ride up into the mountains of Kiel. There was one other couple that thought the same thing I did, and we were sharing the Jeep and that couple happened to.

Mike Lance owns Warrior Plus. Oh wow. . It was. And so we got to know each other and Lexi, his wife, was with him. And so as we were chatting on this five-hour ride, in this Jeep I said, Hey, I bought a lot of stuff from your platform. He said, have you sold anything on it? I said, no. He said, do it.

I said okay. And if I need. Figured it all out. He said I’ll help you. Here’s my Facebook, let’s hook up. So I made a course on, this was my first one. I think it had to do with roofing. Yeah. It was called the Roofer roundup. Yeah. It was how I had gotten my SEO clients for roofing and what I did and all about all the things, how to do citations and this and that.

Sure. That’s back no good. It’s important stuff. . Yeah, it is. And that’s back when I was still doing it. So I was, fresh out of the gate with it. So I did this course called roofer Roundup, and it sold like 3,700 copies. Oh my goodness. Oh yeah. So my clients gave me a message. He said the way to go, what are you doing next?

And I did over the years, put some more stuff out there. But it’s not my primary income and so it’s like I care about it, but I don’t Sure. Other than it, it gets new people into my world, and on my list, and then I can try to help them. And it puts gas in the RV too, right?

You Do know what I mean? That’s a bonus. Oh, especially these days. My gosh. On the last trip we made in the RV I found out I lived in one of the cheapest places in the country. Cause as we got farther away, the diesel price went higher and higher. And when it got over $6 a gallon, I said, maybe we should go home.

He said, no, it cost too much to get back. Now. Let’s just stay a while. Hope it goes. Yeah. Oh, I love it. It’s gravy money for me. But mainly, I appreciate the relationships that are gained. I was gonna say, one of the things you mentioned that I appreciate out of that, that I think so often as again, business leaders, we miss, sometimes we do things like what you’re talking about there.

Not just because it generates money and it’s a bonus that it does, but it’s a way of building out our lists.  and the bigger list we have, the more money we can make, the more people we can serve the better we can contribute and take care of our communities. All, all around. And I love how you’re doing something that builds a list but also pays for doing it as opposed to, a client I talked to the other day that said I can buy this list of 12,000 email addresses and it’s gonna cost me, I don’t remember even what the cost was, didn’t matter, but a couple thousand.

and I said, that’s great, but you’re missing. That’s not the cost you need to look at because none of those people know who you are. So you That’s right. Can buy that list and let’s just assume it’s a good list, which you and I both know is a huge assumption to make if you’re buying lists, because probably less than half that list is any good if that, but I’ve never, once I buy.

I don’t know. Yeah. Necessarily nobody knows especially the people selling those lists. No offense to anybody that watches this, that sells lists, the reality is a lot of those lists aren’t very good. And now I’ve bought that list. Now I need to figure out how do I tell those people who I am.

And so I’ve gotta begin at square one.  to do that versus what you’re talking about you’re putting something in their hands that’s not expensive and that already establishes you as a thought leader and as an expert. So now when they get an email in the future, and it comes from Gene, they don’t go to Gene Who or not even see it.

They go, oh, this is the gene that wrote the course that I bought, that I loved that helped me do this. And now they open your email and now you’ve got an opportunity to build that long-term relationship with them. And that’s where the real value comes. . , on that line of thought, this is totally off topic.

That’s okay. I will tell you this, the secret to getting people to open your emails is to be a storyteller. And that happens to be a ninja skill of mine. And so a lot of time, I see what other marketers do. I read their emails and it’s oh my God. Like even on LinkedIn.  It’s an idiot’s playground, the things that, the things they say and they think that you’re gonna take ’em seriously.

But tell your story of origin. Look around you. I can go for a walk and come back with an idea for a twist on something. , when we were traveling, I passed a field of daffodils.  and it was a farm. And I researched a farm and I found this unbelievable story about the woman who started planting daffodils 50 years ago.

Wow. And I thought life is like that. It’s you better start now and look at what you can have, but you’ll never have it if you don’t start. And, just look around and. What kind of story you can tell? I found a bunch of this is crazy, but I found we moved once in these 32 years and I found BBS everywhere in, in the drawers when I was packing things, I found glitter and bbs.

Where do you think that came from? Grandchildren, I’m guessing kids. Yeah, I was  grandchildren. Yep. Yeah. Okay. And so I thought about those bbs and that glitter when I was packing, and I thought the little things we do, they’re getting seeded and planted and they’re living there and we don’t even know it.

And what if we planted things intentionally and dropped our bbs and our glitter everywhere? We couldn’t. Decorate the world if we just viewed little things as important. . And so being a great storyteller if you’re not good at it, then find somebody who can help you and use good grammar, use good English.

These things are important. They go a long way. So there we go, from daffodils to bbs and glitter. No, Jean, I think it is an apropos with what we’re talking about though because again we’re creating a podcast here for business leaders, and that and one of the questions, you and I both being in the digital marketing field that, that we all get is, how do I better market my business?

And everybody’s in such a hurry to go out and talk about the latest promo and I’m all for calls to action and hooks and that too. I am. , the way to do that effectively is through storytelling. It’s ironic, I think I shared with you, although these episodes will be pure a week apart or so on the podcast we earlier did, they just got done interviewing Kevin Lee. And Kevin Lee is a, just an amazing video guy who, yes, he gets the storytelling stuff and one of the things he shared was exactly what you mentioned and he said, We forget that we need to tell stories because stories are what pull people in and get them to know and trust us.

Yes. And if people do, people buy from people they know and trust. Yes. So now I think that’s, I think that storytelling is so appropriate and fits in exactly to what we’re talking about. There’s the email of mine that got the most outrageous open.  because you’re an autoresponder, we’ll tell you.

Oh yeah. And I saw these analytics, and it said I had a 110% open rate. I knew that wasn’t possible. So I contacted Jimmy Kim, who was the owner of Send Lane at the time, the one that I was using. . I said, Jimmy, how did your software screw up? What? And he said, no, it went viral.

Wow. So we were passing it around and the title of that story or that email, the subject line was The Red Jeep in the Ocean. And we’d had a hurricane here and some crazy man took his red jeep down to the ocean to get a close-up view of the hurricane. The hurricane swept his Jeep out. Oh yeah. . Yeah.

He got a little too close to the surf and that all the national news was down here, and they were this Jeep just floating in the ocean, bobbing around. So I thought of a story along those lines and my story was, be careful what you get close to. Oh, advice you get swept out to sea.

Yeah. Be very careful how close you get to powerful things.  and a hurricane’s power. So I wrote that story and then I encouraged them to get close to me cuz I’m safe. . . And here’s what I’m selling. So anyway that that open rate went, this thing went viral, but it was a story.

I love it and I gotta say, in all my years, Jean, I have never heard of an open rate over a hundred percent. So that is, that in itself is just a great story. And what a great hook. I think I took a screenshot of it cuz I didn’t believe it. I don’t doubt you one bit. I’ve known you long enough to know that you’ve got great stories, but you’ve also got the facts to back ’em up.

So I don’t doubt it, it’s just, it’s again, what a great hook. Who hasn’t sent an email to Cam may know that thinks 110%? How do I do that? That’s fantastic. Hell, a good story. Yeah. Good. I, geez, I didn’t mean to be talking about stories here, but that’s okay. It’s all right. This is, one of the things we love to do is just, is chat and share ideas.

I hear regularly from people that watch the podcast that, they, have two things they like. One is they often hear the same thing regularly from different guests on the podcast. And I know one of that stories, one of those is about storytelling. But the other is that they, it’s nice to see people real in who they are and get that, that back behind the scenes, the gene’s a real human being.

Kevin was a real human being. E everybody we talk to, we get up in the morning we put our pants on the same way. We have our issues. We spill our coffee occasionally. And that’s just who we are. are. Yeah. And I think that is what, our viewers love to see. No, I appreciate the storytelling and where you’re headed with all this.

Jean, I told you, Jonathan, to go ahead really quickly. I’m gonna be 70. Oh, take your time. I’m gonna be 72 yearly soon, and it’s pretty much always been this way with me, but especially now, it’s not about the money, it’s about building a legacy. It’s about building a business that I can pass on to people or sell, but it’s a business that honors God and leaves a legacy for my grandchildren and my friends.

And that’s what I want more than anything. And when I saw your generosity lunch thing, I just went haywire because thank you. . That’s the legacy that I want out of everything that I do. I wanna be remembered as someone who cared enough to tell the truth and cared enough to be a little different.

Yep. And yeah, I like money and it’s okay. It’s okay. Absolutely. But I’m supporting ministries on four continents right now. I can’t take it all with me. . And I think that one of the things that God challenges us to do as business leaders is to Yeah. Somebody’s gotta fund this.

I just had a conversation actually with one of my pastors at church the other day about this exact concept and, I said, somebody’s gotta fund these things that need to get done. And while. , a lot of us volunteer time and that’s great. Sometimes it’s by giving back and sometimes it’s a, sometimes it’s ministry, sometimes it’s just community-related.

Like our generosity lunch has nothing to do with any politics or religion or anything else in that case. And it’s just, you know what we love to make people’s day and it has been just amazing for us to watch.  a thousand to $1,500, sometimes as much as $2,000 can change a waiter or waitress’s life for yes.

That week or that month. And I’ve been, just a quick plug for that. It has amazed me cause I never envisioned, how many times we end up giving a tip like that to everybody. And if you’re interested in the generosity launch I’ll leave some details, but we leave that. And then we hear from ’em about the fact as last month we heard she had a rent payment due and she didn’t know how it was gonna happen.

We had lunch on Wednesday, rent was due on Friday. The tip covered rent and more.  and all of a sudden that problem went away. And that’s just it’s a great to give back to your community in, in ways like that. And it’s one of the things I’ve always loved about Eugene is you’re, you see both sides of that.

Yeah. It’s great to make money. It’s great to have some toys, that’s fine. But it’s about a lot more than just seeing how much can be accumulated. It’s also about having fun and being more generous than you could ever imagine. So I told one of my teenage grandsons, he, he was not too long ago, for a week or so, and he said, meanwhile, show me what you do.

I said, okay, And I took him, sat him here in my office, and I wrote an email and I wrote a story about him. I included him. I said, he said, so is this what you do? I said let’s check back tomorrow. And I was selling something. Sure. And so I came back the next day and I showed him my PayPal. . He said, you’re printing money,

I love it. I love it. Can you show me how to print money? And I said, Jonathan, you have to live your life in such a way that you have good stories to tell and then you can print money. So true. I work on that. Yeah. Gene, before we go, one of the questions I’ve been asking on the 91 Day podcast, and the reason we call it 91 days is that we ask everybody if you had to start over and we gave you a thousand dollars in cash and said, gene, what are you gonna do in the first three months or 91 days to build a business that’s making 10 grand a month or more?

What would you do? Where would you start? So Jean, let me ask you. If you had to start over and you had a debit card with a thousand bucks on it, you had your house, you had a vehicle, you had food, you didn’t need to worry about your sustainability, but you did have to figure out, how am I gonna build a business in 91 days?

What would you do in those first three months? I would do the same thing I did in 2018 because I did. I gave all the other business. , I had what I needed. Yep. And I would start looking for something that is a microservice that can be automated. And that’s what I did. . And it was my social posting business and.

had a goal. I live by the spread. I may seem like a dangling and I can be, but I’ve learned how to use a spreadsheet.  And I live my life by my little magic spreadsheet and it has about 10 different pages on it, and I got projections and receivables and payables and blah, blah, blah. But there it is.

So I made a page on my spreadsheet and said, what do I need to do to get six figures. . Yep. A year, which is 83. 33 a month, I broke it down and I got that many customers, and I had my six figures a year in less than 90 days. Wow. That’s amazing. I did. That’s amazing. If you add it up, you don’t have any expenses other than paying somebody else or paying my company to do the posting.

Sure. And that’s so inexpensive. Josh Nelson told me I was crazy, but yeah, I said, I don’t need a lot from this. This, there’s no work involved. Once, you push the button, there it goes. So I would do that all over again. And even if I had an agency that was more fun and robust and smart people like you, do it.

Even if I had that, I would add this to it.  because it’s sense. Yeah. This is all I wanna do. This is all I wanna do because I think it’s great and it reminds me a lot. I had a cover, you and I both know Billy sticker from Cairo Candy to over in Texas and he’s, I had a conversation with Billy not too long ago, and one of the things that, that Billy says regularly that I appreciate so much is if you want to build a business, you just need to find a problem.

And find people willing to pay to solve that problem. And if you want to build a successful, profitable business, find a problem that rich people are willing to pay you to fix, because that typically means businesses. And I love your twist on that, which is to find a micro problem that businesses are willing to pay for.

Because now at the rates that you’re charging, it’s. . Even if the economy slows down as people are predicting and we have a bad month, or whatever the case is, they’re not gonna drop your service because it’s such a small part of their overall expenditure. Never lost a client during Covid.  And that’s what a testament is because again, you’re, you are proofing your future-proofing.

I don’t know, what are financial proofing, or recession proofing your business because you are not trying to take this huge chunk. You’re just trying to get a little slice. Provides a lot of value in that little slice. , and then I love what you just said. You automate it so you can, through economies of scale, provide something to that business that might take them hours or even tens of hours or dozens of hours a month, but you can figure out how to do it in minutes, and yet it has hours of value to the business.

So if you cut the difference and split the difference, everybody wins.  and you’ve built a great business and that business that you’re serving can now go on to do what they’re good at. I love it. Yeah. Thank you. Billy, whom you just mentioned, is one of my clients. Yes. You said that. Yeah.

Yeah. And also, Billy wrote a book about faith and entrepreneurship. Oh. I’m glad you mentioned that. You got it. That one right before I get in front of the camera. That’s it. The Blessed entrepreneur, that’s Billy’s fantastic book too. Yes. Yes. And he was, I met him, lemme brag on Billy for a minute.

I met him at that, that Japanese restaurant there in Miami that we go to. Oh, okay. Yep. The hibachi. Yeah. Yeah. And so Leon and I walked in. , I’m always late and there were no places to sit with anybody. So we sat at a table by ourselves, which is okay at Leon’s. Good company. Billy Sticker saw it and he said no.

Nobody is coming in here and eating alone. And he got up, came over, introduced himself, and he said, we’re gonna scoot in a little closer at our table and you’re come over here to sit with. That sounds like Billy. He’s such, yep. Such a genuine guy. And Nate was at that table. That’s awesome. It was just like a little bit of heaven had just come to dinner.

That is so cool. Yeah. And for some of you that are watching the podcast that is wondering, how Jean and I know some of these people, Jean and I are blessed enough to be part of a group of digital marketing agencies and I say this not because I’m part of it, but truly some of the brightest and most incredible minds in the world when it comes to digital marketing.

And it’s called the Seven Figure Agency. It’s run by Josh Nelson. If you’re an agency and you’re not part. You gotta join seriously, but, and you can get an invitation from us. We can take you for free the first time. Oh yeah, that’s right. I forgot about that. But the key is, If you are in any industry, join some industry groups like that and meet the leaders in your industry because they will teach you so much.

, especially if you find a group like we’re involved in that is an abundance mindset. Nobody in the group is worried about uhoh, Billy’s a great example. He’s, he does chiropractic marketing. You could do chiropractic marketing and he’d still sit down at dinner with you and tell you all the things he’s doing that are working because yes, he’s not worried about that.

Josh Nelson, who runs it is in the H V A C world, and yet he’s trained at least a dozen, that I can think of other agencies in that same niche. How to do exactly what he does. Yes, he has, and. He mentioned to me the other day might have been to the group, but I heard him say, there’s, and my numbers are off, but there’s roughly 12,000 plumbing in H V A C companies in the United States to be wildly successful.

Each one of those needs to each agency that serves them as a digital marketing needs maybe two or 300 of them. So if there are 10 of them, that’s not even a third of all of the plumbers in the United States. So there’s ample room to share and have that abundance mindset. And I want to encourage you guys, this isn’t about promoting that agency per se, but if.

no matter what industry you’re in, find a group like that. Find one that’s abundance-minded and do whatever you need to do to get involved because you will get so much value from that. It’s how Jean and I met. It’s how we met Billy. It’s how we’ve met so many other people.  That we’ve not only gotten to know but have become friends with and have been mentors that have helped us grow our business.

So Enough on the soapbox. But Gina, you’re right. No, thank you for bringing that up. I appreciate. Yeah. It, and it’s just, there are no words to describe that group. It’s true. It’s true. I’ve never run into one like that in my life. No, I haven’t either. . Yeah. No, it’s an amazing thing and definitely, we’re searching out no matter what type of industry you’re in.

Gene, again, I want to thank you today. We have, we’ve gone all over the map. It’s been fun. I love chatting with you and I know as we’ve done in the past, we could do that a lot longer, but I know you’ve got a lot to do. As do I just wanna thank you for your time so much. You are so welcome.

And may I give my website. . Absolutely. No. We’re gonna put a link down below for that. Okay? And, but go ahead and tell everybody what it’s if they’re watching agencies, social pros.com.  and if you own an agency of any sort, go check Jean out. Go to that website. Buy her products. Listen to what she’s got to say.

Jean has been so generous to share that knowledge with us, and Jean doesn’t price her stuff very expensively. I’m with Josh. She should raise her prices. But. Jean’s done so well by just sharing her expertise and yeah, check it out. It’s well worth the visit. I guarantee it. I guarantee it.

Thank you. Thank you. No, absolutely. And Jean, again, just thank you very much for your time. Have a very merry, merry Christmas. This episode probably won’t come out until after Christmas, but that’s all right. They can still know that I’m not scared to say Merry Christmas, and I know you’re not either.

So have a very merry Christmas and a blessed one. Amen to that. You too, Thank you, Jean. Thank you.

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