5 Ways to Reach Millennials and iGen over Summer Vacation

Reaching younger customers over their summer break is a challenge. Not only are you vying for their attention with your existing competitors, you now have to deal with travel plans, cookouts, beaches, pools and long sunny days.


1. Start a Facebook Ad

Odds are you’re overthinking the effects of Facebook advertising after their policy changes. The truth s, unless you’re a political campaign, nothing changed. The best time to start a Facebook ad campaign is when you know school is no longer a detractor to the contact you could be having with your customer base.

2. National ‘Holidays’

There is a day for everything. National Hot Dog Day? It’s July 18. Skateboarding Day? June 21. Here’s a resource to find any strange holiday you can think of, and even the ones you can’t, to plan an event around. Perhaps your product lands in the summer break sweet spot!

3. Cool Your Jets

Do you have retail space? With air conditioning? Then tell the people! Nothing is better than that wall of cold air walking in from the sweltering heat. Using your natural showroom as an attraction itself can boost your business’ awareness the next time it gets hot. Even if you don’t sell goods with short shelf lives, the ability for someone to browse helps generate further foot traffic and general interest.

4. Snap To It

Snapchat is one of the purest forms of social media that businesses often overlook as being too childish. Not only is Snapchat used by the oldest of Millennials, but it’s lax advertising requirements make it easy to create geo-tagged filters and pop your Snapcode on just about every surface imaginable. Not everyone is going to remember a URL or an @ handle, but a quick pic can drive users directly to your account or landing page.

5. Groupon

Trying a new exercise experience, tasting new foods or visiting that new store is much more comfortable with Groupon. The ability to see something’s MSRP and the “deal” price encourages new customers, particularly those on shoestring budgets.

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