Top 4 Tips For Marketing on Snapchat

Top 4 Tips For Marketing on Snapchat

When you start marketing on Snapchat, you open your brand to generations eager for new content. Starting a Snapchat account involves several steps, but when your younger target audience sees you follow these tips, the more receptive they will become to your messaging.

Post Every Day

It doesn’t matter how many users are on your friends list, you will get more as time goes by, but you have to post something every single day. Like posting to Facebook or tweeting regularly, adding to your 24-hour story is vital.

Your snaps could be anything from a simple workplace selfie to videos of sandwich making or trampoline jumping. The more you snap, share and add, the better.



Get Creative

Posting every day isn’t a challenge, but posting marketing-first content is. There are no hashtags in Snapchat and most often images disappear after 24 hours. So how do you make customers stick around?

Get creative with your posts. Plan a scavenger hunt, offer promo codes to users who share your branding with a friend (and have proof).

Put story packages together from your camera roll.

Be silly and swap faces with a coworker or be bold and add cartoon-like emoji to your images. Snapchat is about promoting how fun your brand is from your competition.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads start with a simple 3-10 second video introducing your business or product. Snap Ads have four customizable features in addition to the base ad.

You can lead your targeted user to an article, direct them to install an app, add a long-form video, making your original Snap Ad a small trailer for a full-length commercial.

The final Snap Ads addition is Web View, where the user can interface your website directly through the app. Web View is one step above App Install as users can simply go to your site, fill a shopping cart, play a game, read news stories and share landing page content after one swipe.


Snapchatters love filters. Sparkly or black & white, filters can change the mood, tell time, temperature and speed, or let you know of a holiday to celebrate.

Filters also let people know where you are. The most common geographic-marked filters are user-made, meaning they have no sponsored affiliation. Anyone can add a geofilter to Snapchat if it’s generic enough to the community.

For businesses, creating a geofilter involves designing the layout and mapping your coverage area. A small-to-medium sized diner could add a Geofilter around their lot for a whole year for $1,000.

The easiest way to tap into Snapchat’s audience is to behave like them. Younger generations crave connectedness, ease of use, bright visuals, augmented reality and a constant stream of new content. Are you ready start marketing on Snapchat?

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