How Useful Is Snapchat Marketing?

Should I use Snapchat marketing?

Of all the social networks, Snapchat is by far the most fun. You can take pictures, shoot video, draw everywhere, add emoji, bitmoji and plenty of other mojis that are sure to be in development. With all of the creative energy around a single application it’s no wonder that Snapchat marketing is just as fun.

In a January update, Omnicore reported that over 300 million users were active on the app per month. Of those 300-plus million, 71 percent are under 34 years old, 70 percent are women and the average user spends nearly 30 minutes on the app every single day. Over half of all college students aged 18-24 use Snapchat – 50 percent of male students and 77 percent of females.

The best news for marketers, however, may be how bad Snapchat is at making money. The app is simply not profitable and may never be.

For local marketers that aren’t part of national brands and news outlets, Snapchat is a win-win. You get an expansive young audience at little-to no expense.

Despite its premise as a more “private” social media app, Snapchat is quite public. Each snap – a short video or customizable picture – is not only added to your 24-hour story, it may also be publicly aggregated based on location. In other words, the more that’s happening around your place of business, the more likely a user searching for entertaining places will see your story.

From restaurants to gyms, sports teams and nightlife venues, any organization can create an account for free and start snapping. The first step is getting your Snapcode and knowing what to do with it.

Odds are high you’ve seen a Snapcode before.

The QR code craze may have faded from memory, but Snapchat is built off of them.

Each yellow square with black polkadots and a floating ghostly image is a Snapcode unique to its user.

While you have no control over how the dots are arranged, you can augment the ghost to display your company logo, featured product or color change. Here are some examples:

You can create as many Snapcodes as you like. Need to promote a landing page, drive users to an e-mail list or a special promotion? You can download and print your Snapcodes for free through Try placing your Snapcodes around your business, on your Facebook page and on your website.

Finding followers is typically the hardest part, as additions to your account’s friend list come from the contacts on whichever phone you installed the app. To follow people not in your phone and without their user name, simply open the app and take a picture of their Snapcode.

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