Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy with This One Technique

Simplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating and curating content can be a heavy burden. Every month you have to write or pull together new content for your blog, social media posts, or email newsletter, making it easy to get overwhelmed. However, the work must get done in order to put your best foot forward when executing your content marketing strategy.

The problem is that as you get more stressed about having to write, you settle for lesser quality content. You can lower your chance of burnout though.

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Content Marketing Strategy Hack: Batching

It is hard to create content everyday. Some days are easier than others though, when you spend a little more time on research and writing and can get into a flow.

Batching encourages this kind of momentum by having you spend one set period of time to create all content for later distribution. So, instead of each afternoon trying to throw some content together last minute, you start the week spending half a day (or however long you need) creating blog posts or social media posts for that whole week.

Then, you can schedule out all the content and move on to your more pressing tasks at hand.

This works for a couple reasons. First, it saves time. When you get in the flow of writing, you can churn out content much quicker than trying to start from scratch all the time. By batch writing your content, you allow yourself to get in a zone, making the task easier and more efficient.

Second, it reduces stress. Working ahead of time prevents you from procrastinating and limits that last minute stress you might feel otherwise. When you use the batching process, you check a lot off your task list in a short period of time and don’t have to worry about finding the time to write tomorrow, the next day, or the next.

Not Just for Content Marketing

You can use this technique for more than just content creation. Whatever your daily tasks might be, you decrease the stress of having to come up with something last minute by knocking them out in one session.

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