Loosen Up! Why Improv Videos Will Boost Your Business

What do you think about of when you think of improv? Any fan of comedy will probably say Whose Line or Second City, and they’d be right. But did you know adding improv videos can boost your business without the need for comedic timing?

Not everyone you meet in business takes elocutions lessons or public speaking courses. Hardly anyone that sits across the table in a sales meeting will be as energetic as the salesperson. And unless you’re a politician or a cast member on Saturday Night Live, reading off a teleprompter or cue cards is not going to be in your wheelhouse.

Improv videos offer a chance at unscripted, genuine moments for business owners to talk freely. Yes, sometimes scripts are necessary for conveying a significant amount of detailed information. You should also script voiceovers, as practice makes perfect when the subject matter is more important than the feeling or emotional pull of your video.

Unscripted moments can convey anything from happiness to drama and still come across as informative. Here are four examples of client improv videos. All start with a fundamental subject matter and a quick prompt – and nothing else.



If you listen carefully, you’ll notice a small shift in tone between a straight-on camera shot and a voiceover playing over B-roll footage.

Let the person talking decide whether he or she wants to be the subject of your video. Being on camera isn’t for everyone, which is why voiceovers and animations work better for some companies. If someone is having a difficult time, let them know you believe in them and try to have them get loose.

There are many options for business videos. Facebook Live offers a new way to connect with viewers that is informal and immediate. If your business decides to add production value to the video, know there is no “perfect shot,” as every take might add something in the editing process.


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