What Facebook Live Can Do For You

How can Facebook Live help my business?

Facebook is perhaps one of the biggest marketing tools for your business this side of Google, so, how does Facebook Live fit into the equation?

Originally launched for news publications and celebrities in late 2015, Facebook Live opened to the general public in the first few months of 2016 and quickly became a viable competitor to YouTube in live streaming services.

Now 15 months later, Facebook’s live videos are seen an average of three times longer than pre-recorded content and user interaction is greater than 10 times that of any shares, likes or expressions of other videos.

Simply, Facebook Live is a great tool to spread the word and keep people engaged. Any user can start streaming live content from their app for up to four hours. While there are certainly copyright issues stemming from streaming music, movies and television, the desire to share any branded content isn’t going away anytime soon.Facebook Live

Which is why Facebook Live is a great option for sharing what you’re selling. For free.

Are you a restaurant? Parts manufacturer? Window installer? Roofer? Retail chain or arts & crafts store owner?

The answer to what can I share is often the easiest to answer. You do something every day to make a customer satisfied. So, that’s what you share on Facebook Live.

A restaurant can go live to introduce a new menu or update fans on food and drink specials.

Concert halls frequently go live to promote their venues, while building contractors, installers and other improvement marketing managers can utilize streaming to highlight a given project for a few minutes every day from the beginning of a project to the end.

The opportunities for live video are endless, you just have to know where to start. Hit the camera icon on your phone, allow the app access to your microphone and add a description of what you’re shooting.

Throughout the video, you can see how many people are watching and interact with fans – ask and answer questions, take them on a tour or instruct viewers on a specific activity.

Be sure to reintroduce yourself every once in a while to say why you’re live to engage new viewers.

The added beauty of using Facebook Live is that you can be yourself. Even the best live performers still manage to add the odd mumble and stutter.

Don’t like your video? Edit it or delete it entirely! You can treat and Facebook Live video as you would any other Facebook post.

Facebook Live isn’t about being the perfect brand ambassador, just about being the most present brand ambassador. To create a Facebook account and get started sharing, schedule an appointment with us today!

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