New to Content Marketing? Here Are 5 Ideas for Your First Blog Post

You know the importance of blogging for your business as well as the benefits it can provide, yet it still sits low on your priority list. You probably don’t want to write anything at all, let alone a blog post for your business, but we are here to make your life easier. Yes, you will still need to put in some time and effort, but with these five article types you can reduce the time it takes for you to outline and write your first blog post.

First Blog Post

Post Types for Your First Blog Post

1. How-To Posts – how to use your product or something similar in your field.
2. List Posts – e.g. top 5 things customers can do with your product or 10 things you learned at a conference.
3. Resource Posts – find a collection of excellent posts that other people wrote and link to all of them in one post on your blog.
4. Review Posts – review a product of yours or a recently completed project.
5. News Posts – offer company updates or industry news with commentary.

These are not the only type of blog posts that you can create. You can also create case studies, employee spotlights, videos and more. As you continue creating more content, the blogging process will get easier, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always have an endless stream of ideas. When times of writer’s block strike, having these five foundational types of blog posts to fall back on will be extremely helpful.

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