Writing a Script For a Video? Don’t Forget the Outline!

Writing a script for a video is a difficult task no matter how much planning you have.

First, you have to come up with an outline of what message you want your video to convey, flesh it out, work and rework words both on paper and verbally, all before you work out the proper inflection and pacing.

You have to condense a message that takes writers hours to craft into a few short minutes.

Take the above three paragraphs, for instance. No more than a series of stream of conscious notes penned about video scripting, they form the basis for a decent blog, but not a great video. Those 74 words take roughly 25 seconds to read out loud. If you can’t get your audience to engage within the first 30 seconds, your business could suffer. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a video so you better practice.

The first 30 seconds is all about telling us why we should care about the next 30 seconds.

Let’s try the first three paragraphs again, this time designing our introduction with more descriptive and informative language meant to engage for 30 seconds.

How difficult is writing a script for a video? It’s quite challenging even if you know what you’re doing.

Outlining ideas is your primary concern. Whether it’s explaining complex machinery or the importance of prenatal care, outlining turns the abstract into focused imagery.

Once you decide the message, it’s time to craft your narrative. Find your personality and run with it. Rehearse everything out loud. Pace yourself but deliver with the same flair you’ll use when the mic is hot.

Eighty words in roughly 30 seconds. With a sharp outline and clear message, you can flesh out raw material and create positive emotions within similar timeframes.

Midwifery Matters was a Valorous Circle client in need of an explainer video. The process for writing a script for a video about birth plans and labor is daunting when all you have to go on is an interview, some colors and a few logos.

After an interview with the owner, we wrote down the essential parts she wanted us to cover – the outline. Our central message shows the differences between a hospital and a midwife. Now all that leaves is the first 30 seconds to draw in the viewer.




As you can see, we prompt the viewer with a serious problem in the first half minute. ‘Your newborn baby may be uncomfortable in this new situation.’

The next 30 seconds offers an immediate contrast. Comfy beds, warmth, and personality, all ready to ease your state of mind and body. The video introduces personnel at the end of the segment, which leads viewers to pair midwifery to professionalism before the final 30 seconds. A once gentle voice becomes matter-of-fact. Everything comes together to reinforce why you’ve been watching for over a minute.

From interview to outline, pacing to practice, writing a script for a video isn’t as challenging as it seems. While diction and execution are important, it doesn’t matter who’s in front of the camera or speaking the words, so long as they’re the right words at the right time.


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