SEO Takes Patience: Why Your Website Isn’t On Google Yet

In the digital age, the last thing we want to hear is the adage that patience is a virtue. We want things right now, all the time, like Amazon Prime. Because of this constant attitude, a common question lobbied by web developers is Why is my website not on Google? or Why can’t I see my site at the top yet?

And the answer is always “Because it takes time.”

Many businesses think a new website is a miracle elixir, a magic potion that will wipe away years of bad search engine optimization practices and poor lead generation. People believe once their new site is live they will immediately ranking the top 10 for every page and start raking in sales.

But new websites are not like drinking snake oil, that is, they are not one-shot cures for all your ailments. Building a website, primarily when an existing site exists, is like tearing down a shed and erecting a skyscraper. It takes hard work, highly technical design implementation and long hours.

Why is my website not on Google? It needs an SEO strategy.


Why is my website not on Google? A man ponders, looking frustrated at his computer.


When developers finish the main project, the site is then ready for presentation. Most, if not all, of your original keyword rankings, will remain the same.

Ranking higher on Google can take many forms. First, you must verify ownership of your new site. Then comes indexing and crawling – simple words for Google’s robots figuring out what is and what is not essential to your pages and posts.

Indexing and crawling, along with back-linking, can take anywhere from one to six days to get your site revved up and ready to go. Think of these as the utilities of your new skyscraper – the necessary infrastructure needed to lure people.

And where are these people going? Your pages, of course. Every page on your site is a new layer of your foundation. A new layer that needs its SEO strategy to become more attractive to your target customers.

Proper SEO includes research, keyword implementation and a litany of other processes that will boost your pages. There is no gold standard answer for Why is my website not on Google? Instead, there are a few small steps, each with its successive importance that all lead to results you desire.

If you’re stuck on how to start SEO planning, schedule an appointment with Valorous Circle today!

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