Why Talk like a Pirate Day Can Improve Your Social Media

Have you ever caught yourself asking, “I wonder what holiday is today?” Well, you’re not alone, as there is literally at least one holiday for each day of the year. Whether it’s National Hot Dog Day, International Wife Appreciation Day, or an actual federal holiday, there’s something you can create content for if you get stuck in a content rut.

The best way to cure a slow news day (or week) is to inject a bit of levity into your social media calendar. Sometimes the ideas just aren’t there. It’s not a problem — good content takes time to plan and execute before you can share it with your audience. But in the meantime, you need to share something with your audience.

So why not share a zany day where people come together and celebrate… talking like a pirate (Sept. 19), white chocolate (Sept. 22), public lands (Sept. 28), and coffee (Sept. 30). Adding one of these to your organization’s social media feed will hopefully engage your followers while you can get back to working on that next great piece of content.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few sites that will help answer your question:

National Today

National Day Calendar

Awareness Days

Days of the Year

There’s no right or wrong way to add these days to your social calendar. Most sites pair the day with a brief explanation and a stock image.

While this may work for most businesses, if you know of any pictures or video that connects your company to the day, share it. Your audience will get to see that lighter side they may not get to see on your primary blog feed.

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