Website Functionality: A Website Can Do More Than Market and Sell (Part One)

When people think about website functionality, they most likely think only of marketing and selling products. A website can do so much more though. Below you’ll find five examples of overlooked website functions that can help your business.

Website Functionality

Five Functions of a Website

1. Recruit New Employees
Sometimes a company operates at full capacity and doesn’t need any new business. That doesn’t mean they should stick with their outdated, non-responsive website though. In order to continue offering top products and/or services, they need to attract highly-qualified employees. When potential employees visit a company website and find a slow, unattractive website, they might pass on even applying. Often times your website acts as the first impression people get of your company and you don’t want to put them off.

2. Interactive Digital Resume
Similar to companies needing to have a nice website to impress potential employees, sometimes it can greatly benefit you to have a nice website to impress potential employers. Instead of submitting a resume like other applicants, you can set yourself apart by having an interactive one-page website for a resume.

3. Connect with Customers
A business that knows their customer’s interests, wants, and dislikes will better be able to cater to them. Your website can offer a contact form and a comment section on your blog, inviting people to provide feedback. The information you can gather offers insight into what they think and how you can continue to improve your products and customer service.

4. Connect Customers with One Another
In addition to allowing customers to communicate directly with you, you can create a community in which customers can connect with one another. Your website can include a public or private forum or people can interact with each other in blog comments.

5. Qualify Prospects
Though this function falls under the “selling” umbrella, it still gets overlooked by business owners when thinking about their website. Before you can sell anything on your website, you have to attract the right visitors and speak directly to them. That means using buyer-specific keywords, using imagery and language they would understand and relate to, as well as collecting data via surveys or an email marketing list.

This small list only scratches the surface of website functionality. It is meant to get you thinking deeper about what your website can do for you and the importance of having an up-to-date, speedy site. Does your website need a facelift? We would love to help. Contact us or give us a call today!

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