Website Functionality: A Website Can Do More Than Market and Sell (Part Two)

In part one of this series, we began to discuss website functionality (or what a website can do for you and your business) beyond just marketing and sales. Today, I’d like to talk about five additional website features that can benefit your business.

Website Features

Five (More) Website Features

1. Event Calendar
If your company hosts a lot of events or just wants to share what’s going on in the community, an interactive event calendar can help your customers stay in the know. If they are your events, you can add additional functionality allowing people to register and add to their own calendars right from your page.

2. Project Management
Do you have a lot of projects and tasks that you have to juggle all at once? Sometimes sticky notes just don’t cut it. A website can function as a project manager to help you and your team stay focused and aware of progress.

3. Polling/Surveys
While you can conduct polls via email or social media, why not bring that traffic back to your website? That way after they finish answering the questions they can take a look around at the rest of your site. Hosting a poll or survey on your website allows you to gain valuable insight into your customer’s minds, helping you create a buyer persona.

4. Portfolio
Whether you are a photographer, web designer, or in the service industry, previous examples of your work allow you to demonstrate your expertise and extinguish any concerns that potential clients might have.

5. Virtual Tours
This website feature specifically comes into play for real estate agents, builders, commercial leasing agents, and others, allowing them to showcase an entire home in a far more interactive manner than just showing a collection of pictures. Potential buyers have the opportunity to control how fast and where they want to navigate.

The goal of this series was to get you thinking more broadly about how your website can serve you. Especially if you have an antiquated website, we want you to realize that it’s not just ecommerce stores that benefit from updating. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you and your business!

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