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Building an infographic website merges the perfect image collection with content directly related to your business material.

Sometimes a company’s content, no matter how relevant to the customer, will confuse the average viewer. Many websites dealing in technical information have hard times with messaging because it’s easier for them to write with industry jargon over more layman’s terms.

The crowning achievement of the new TurnKey Network Solutions site isn’t the streamlined menu options or the fiber outage emergency calls to action. TurnKey’s new website now conveys what the company does, how they do it, and why their model is best.

All with an infographic.

TurnKey is a commercial and private fiber optics servicer for the Midwest. But if you weren’t already an engineer, it would be difficult to navigate the former site. Not everyone tasked with researching fiber optic installations is adept at comprehending the information.

Infographics help bridge the gap between what’s technical and what’s understandable to the average user.

Valorous Circle’s new design, however, still includes all relevant information. The most significant change is the packaging. And sometimes that’s all that matters when creating a new website.

Many of TurnKey’s service pages needed an overhaul. Here is where you can re-introduce the precise, technical information serious clients will understand and use in their decision-making processes.

These pages may lack the overall flair of the home page’s infographic, but they are no less stylistically crucial as they enhance the user experience.

We break each service down into its key components. Image updates reflect what the company can do and does continually, instead of more candid shots of engineers in an office. While the average workday may not have changed, the perception of TurnKey’s vital fiber work has, and for the better.

Looking good isn’t going out of style. Every once in a while you will need a suit re-tailored, and websites are no different.

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