Sharing Passwords with Others – SECURELY

EVERYONE ‘knows’ you should never share your passwords. But in reality, there are times that you need password sharing.

As website designers and online marketing professionals, clients often need to share passwords with us to allow our team to provide them with services. So this begs the question:


How does online password sharing work?

Password sharing by Firefox Send

  1. NOT by Email – Although there are no perfect solutions, we do not recommend sharing them via email. We probably all know a few people who had their email account hacked. Although it seems safe because we use it all the time, email – especially the plain text in an email – is not particularly secure.
  2. NOT by Text – Again, we do not recommend texting passwords for the same reasons we don’t support email.
  3. NOT by Snail Mail (USPS) – Facebook and Google send codes through the mail to designate businesses and political ad accounts. Many offices, however, don’t have the same security measures as the tech giants. How well would you trust an unknown third party, like a receptionist or mail carrier, with your passwords?
  4. YES by Firefox. That’s right. The browser Firefox designs a secure file sending service called Send.


How to Share a Password Using Firefox Send – a Password Sharing Checklist

  1. Create a word document or spreadsheet and add your login credentials.
  2. Save the document to your local drive.
  3. Go to in your web browser.
  4. Upload the file you created to Firefox Send.
  5. Choose how many downloads of your file to allow in the next 24 hours (we recommend one).
  6. Copy the link provided by Firefox Send (after successfully uploading your file).
  7. Send the link to the person(s) that need your passwords.


You’ve now securely shared your passwords without using email or texts! For a more detailed walk-through, call Valorous Circle today.

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