Second Impressions

Second Impressions

While your Homepage creates that all important first impression, your About page is usually the next click – sometimes even before they finish reading your homepage copy, making second impressions almost more important than the first.

Who are you? Why do you do that thing you do? Sometimes, they’ll even want to know about the history of your company, an elements that builds trust. And that’s the purpose of your About page, helping prospects and clients get to know, like and trust you.

The About page can motivate a lead further into your sales funnel and guide referrals.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Unfortunately, poorly written About pages don’t get the job done because they’re usually focused on the wrong person. While successful About pages have you and your business as the central theme, your focus for second impressions should be on the readers – your leads, prospects, clients or customers – and their needs.

Stories sell.

Your reader is on your About page to find out more about your compelling brand story, not to be ‘sold’ to. One of the quickest ways to lose readers is including sales copy on this page. Instead, think back to your writing class in school—include your who, what, where, when, why and how.

Who are you?

Briefly tell the reader about yourself. Include things that your reader will relate to. For example, if you run an auto dealership, maybe you have a matchbox car collection that is 400 strong on display in your showroom. Fun and quirky facts or anecdotes that make you memorable are a great way to start your story.

What do you do?

You don’t need to go into detail. You have the rest of your website to explain your products and services. A short description – no more than one paragraph – telling what you do will let readers know if you can help them.

Where do you do business?

This is especially important if you are a local, brick & mortar business. You don’t want a reader to decide to hire you and then figure out that you are six states away. Provide value to your readers and have some aspect of online business – which is also part of your ‘where’ – and readers will be happy to do business with you anyhow.

When did you get started?

You can tell a little bit more about your personal story here – learning to rebuild an engine from your grandpa when you were just 12 years old – or maybe the story of your great grandfather starting the business in 1902. Some readers enjoy business history stories, others don’t. If your business has a long and rich history, consider writing it as a separate story. Include a link on your About page and in your Navigation system.

Why do you do it?

Every 2-year-old kid wants to know why, and so do your readers. Why did you go/get into this business in the first place? And why should they hire you? The answers to these questions should comfortably lead you into the final question.

How are you different from all the rest?

Maybe it’s your Core Values. If you have just a few, you can include them on your About page. Remember, the copy on this page is focused on your readers’ second impressions and what you can do for them. Tell your website visitors how they will benefit from hiring you.

Finish strong!

Is it time to write a new About page for your website? Or does just thinking about it make you feel like you’re back in school? If so, let Valorous Circle help. Give us a call today

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