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Cris Rodriguez


If I learn something in that day and I know that it’s going to help move us forward, I’m doing a disservice to myself. To my team and to my clients. If I don’t instantly implement, I have very much a ready, fire, aim mentality. And it’s just because I’m think partly I’m super competitive growing up in the martial arts industry, right?

Competing in martial arts competitions. But to me it. Man, if I can get somewhere in 10 minutes as opposed to waiting 10 weeks, let me just do it now. The quote is, why put off tomorrow? What can get done today?

Welcome to the 91 Day Success podcast. You always hear me talk about how much I love the guests that are coming on, but today is a special day because I’ve got Chris Rodriguez with me and Chris and I met we, I don’t remember when we met, but I was introduced to Chris a little over a year ago when she was up on stage talking at an event that I was at through seven figure agency, and her message just resonated with me and I’ve had the.

Opportunity to talk to her a number of times. Since then and today, I’m so excited to be able to talk to Kris and have her share a little bit about her business and what she does, some of her success, but particularly we’re gonna talk today about one of Kris’s, what I call her superpowers, and that’s speed implementation.

Kris has taught me so much about being quick to implement and what it means for your business, and I’m so looking forward to unpack. With Chris today, but Chris, before we jump into all that, can you give everybody kind of the elevator pitch, the short version of who you are and tell us a little bit about your business?

Yeah, for sure. So I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last decade. I own a jujitsu in MMA Academy in Tampa, Florida called Gracie Pack mma. It’s really where my entrepreneurial journey started. If you don’t count the DJ business that I had when I was in high I spent the last 10 years building a business based off of a passion that I’ve had since I was very young and have been able to build a really well oiled machine, which has allowed me to shift my focus into Grow Pro agency.

So when I first started the martial arts school, it’s hot in Florida. Jonathan, you’re in Florida right now? Yep. Absolutely. If you wanted some warm. and the thought of putting out road signs, putting rack cards in businesses, firing parking lots in the a hundred degree weather, seemed miserable as a way to market my martial arts school.

And I was like, you know what? I’d rather stay in my air conditioned office and few strokes of the keys and launch some digital. We grew very quickly, hit a half a million dollar business in our third year of being open. And in the martial arts industry, most schools are doing about 10,000 m r r. So six figures is a big deal, as an annual revenue.

And we grew so quickly due to online marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, and that was. the golden dates of being able to boost a post for 20 bucks and sell, 50 paid trials. So people saw the success that we were having and they started asking, how are you doing it? And my answer was digital marketing.

So when you get enough people asking you a question, cuz they’re having a problem, usually that’s a sign that maybe a business can be. So I started teaching an eight week marketing mastermind where we focused four weeks on Facebook, two weeks on Instagram, and two weeks on Google. I have my degree in education.

I love teaching. I think it’s one of my superpowers. And the martial arts school was really in a place where I could start offering this. So I was speaking at an event, super cool moment in my. And at the end of my presentation, I pitched the eight week Marketing Mastermind and I said, there’s only 30 spots available.

And I got bomb rushed on stage, , and people were literally throwing their credit cards at me. It was a really cool experience and after I taught that first session, at the end of the eight weeks, school owners said, Chris, this was amazing. I learned so. , but I don’t wanna do this. This is too much work. This isn’t why I opened my martial arts school.

Will you just do it for me? And they said, no, I’m just teaching. I really loved that aspect. And then I did another session. Same thing happened at the end of the eight weeks, and my wife was finally like, what are you doing? You got people throwing money at. So I started with 10 clients and instantly realized that I just bought myself a job.

And I recognized that if this was gonna go anywhere, I needed to start building a team. So I started building a remote team, got the agency up to around 30,000, and then covid hit. 30% of our clientele, cuz they’re martial arts schools were shut down. And it was at this time that I started looking for a mentor.

So I only ever really had a mentor for the martial arts school, didn’t have a mentor for the agency and business skills or business skills. There’s a reason why I have a health coach. There’s a reason why I have a finance coach. And that’s when I found Josh Nelson, which is how we had the opportunity.

So I hopped on with Seven Figure Agency and I went all in. I did their on-ramp program in three days. Basically went to my wife, it was like a three day weekend and I said, look, gotta do something. I need three days of you just letting me focus on work. And I went through all of the videos. Pretty sure I was the fastest person ever get through on.

And we were one of those businesses that ended up exploding after Covid because the E I D L loan started coming in and people realized all the other forms of marketing are gone. The only thing we really can do is digital marketing. So that was back in, 2020 obviously when Covid hit, and now we’re at about 240,000 R.

We have 347. And I went from four remote team members for one five in person team members, which they’re all out there, right? I don’t know if that would be elevator pitch, but that’s what, that was perfect, Chris, that was absolutely perfect because you, I knew a lot of that story from what you shared, and one of the things that just so impressed me is that again you were one of those unique business people that was able to take success in one area in the martial arts and in a passion.

I, I absolutely love that you started in a passion of yours. So many business people are like I’ll do this because it’ll make me money, or I’ll do this. I love that you started with one of your passions. You made it a profitable business, and then you started another one because the opportunity came in and I’ve got to know you well enough.

I know that’s also a passion of yours and the quality that you do. I just, I think it’s a tremendous story and I really appreciate how you share how you went through that. Kudos by the way. . I know not everybody’s familiar with the whole on-ramp process at Seven Figure, but to go through that in three days, I went through it in a month and thought I was absolutely cranking.

So to do it in three days is an, absolutely amazing. Thank you. But yeah. No, great story and congratulations on being at nearly a quarter of a million dollars in monthly recurring revenue. That’s just, that’s another level when it comes to digital marketing agencies, as you and I know you first get the pitches about how to become a six figure agency and then become a seven figure agency, and most of everything stops at that point in time.

Because so few hit that and the fact that. . On your way to getting to that eight figure, I’m sure you’ve got the t-shirt that I’m hoping to get building an eight figure agency. Exactly. That’s just that’s so amazing. So amazing. You know what’s interesting to break down the three levels there, in order for me to get to six figures, I just needed people.

Yeah. In order to get seven figures, I need good people. And what I’m realizing is that in order to get the eight figures, I need a team of great people. And it’s just been something that I’ve really been thinking about. And the issues that you deal with on your way to eight figures are much different than the issues that you’re dealing with on your way to seven figures.

I just had a call with Tony Ricketts, who’s in our master. A lot of the conversation was all about HR stuff, because Yep. When you’re working your way to six figures like hr, I don’t mean an HR department. I am the HR department. When you start having 25 people, 25 different personalities, 25 different means, 25 different skill sets, the HR department is top line.

No. And we’re in the midst of learning that ourselves. Having just got into the seven figure Mr. R side late last year. Thank you by the way large. Thanks to you for a lot of the coaching you’ve provided and the encouragement, but yeah, we’re noticing that same thing. It’s a different ballgame at that point, and I’m sure as we grow, we’re gonna see it, that ball game continue to change as we.

That, that reminds me, Chris, one of the things that you had shared a while back that really touched me was you talked about building a, a dream that was so big that you could fit the dreams of everybody. You lead inside that. . Talk to me a little bit about how do you go about inspiring your team to buy into that dream and work towards it with you?

You’ve obviously done that to get to the level you’re at, and it sounds like you’re realizing you need to do even more of that, but how? How do you do that? Because that’s not an easy task. . Yeah. I think when you get out of the role of having to take care of your clients and allows you to step into the role of now taking care of your people, right?

And Richard Branson as the famous quote, you take care of your team and your team takes care of your clients. I do zero fulfillment work at all, and there’s two to three. On the accountability chart kind of departments before somebody would come to me, which really allows me to focus on building the culture here at Grow Pro.

It’s, one of my key responsibilities is to protect that culture at all costs. . The thing about the quote about building a dream so big that everybody else’s dream can fit in, it’s from Ed Mylet. And when I read that it hit me so hard and it made me question if I was dreaming big enough and one of the things.

Really helped me on understanding the importance of caring for your team and helping them accomplish what they wanna accomplish in their personal life. Was because I was such a bad boss when I was building my martial arts school, , I was a dictator. We’d be in meetings and all you’re doing is hearing me talk.

It was my ideas and I knew. One of the things that is, is a big regret of mine is I have two stepsons, Darien and Nate. Darien actually works here as my integrator here at . He’s 23, and Nate yesterday actually had his final firefighter class. He graduates next week, but I was very cool. I was just a bad boss.

Both of them worked at the martial arts. that neither of them wanted to take over the business. , I think that’s as a parent, like that’s like our hope and our want and our wish was to build this family business that, your kids can take over and it leaves a legacy. And I was such a bad boss that they wanted nothing to do with it.

And I knew that with Grow Pro, I had to do things Differe. And one of the biggest lessons that my mentor Mike Metzger taught me was, it has to be fun. And I know that sounds so simple and so ridiculous, but I was so focused on the numbers and we gotta get better. And we just, we have to level up that it wasn’t fun for anybody anymore.

And, I’d go and visit my mentors in Orlando. He’s sitting back, he’s got his feet up on the desk like this, and he’s joking around and they just have such a great time there. And when people are having fun and they know that they’re being cared for, they wanna work harder for you. . One of the things that I recognized is being in the martial arts niche, we’re more than likely not gonna be able to hit eight figures if we so stay in this niche and, lifestyle wise and finance wise, like really don’t need to be making more than I am.

So now it’s about taking care of people that help you get to where. And in the martial arts industry, there’s only 15,000 martial arts schools in the United States, and that doesn’t even mean that’s 15,005, potential clients, some of them might be teaching out of their garage. So in order for us and for me to offer them more, we have to go into other verticals.

So we actually just signed on our very first dance client. They launched today $2 and 10 cent cost. It was like, guys we’re throwing a party, because no doubt we can get a great case study out of this. This is gonna, really help us break into that. So I just, I think it’s so important. I’m just at a place in my life where I had people help me get here.

My mentors, they guided me, they coached me. And now that’s really my sole focus is helping my team. And I think one of. One of the big mistakes that, bosses or managers make, is that they don’t take an interest in the personal life of their team members. And that’s something that I really pride myself on.

I ask my team like, what are the goals? Where do you wanna be at the end of the year? And if that eventually means you outgrow, bro one of our core values is continuous growth. We continuously grow from the company to client and the self, and if that means you eventually do that, I’m not gonna be upset about that, right?

Because who wants somebody on the team that doesn’t want to be here? , I don’t know if that answered the question. Lots of kind. Different aspects of why that’s a big focus for me right now. Oh, absolutely. Golden Shares. Chris, I you’re adding so much tremendous value here and I’m so grateful and I know our viewers will be too, most of our viewers are entrepreneurs and business people and the things you’re sharing are just fantastic.

So it’s , we can read all this in a book and we can watch it in a pod or listen in a podcast or watch a YouTube video, but to hear you sharing your story and where that’s come from it makes it resonate. It makes it seem so much more plausible. So thank you so much for that. I am, I’m really just amazingly grateful.

Absolutely. That brings me to the next thing and Chris, one of the things that, boy, when I first saw you on stage and then started hearing some of the things about you, one of the first things that I noticed. that you were the person that had speed to implementation down Pat. You talked about how you went through, the onboarding so fast with Seven Figure, and I remember it one of the first events that I think it was the second intensive I was at.

You literally were implementing things from the intensive that we’d literally been taught in the last 30 minutes. Tell me a little bit and share, if you would, a little bit. , how did you develop that ability and that, that passion to, to do that? And what has that meant for your business and your team? Yeah, ab so I think it started here to birth, I was about three weeks early

I was like, get me outta here, mom. I wanna come out. I do think. , the type of personality people have does play a role into it. I’m very much an A type personality, in terms of conferences and events, like just experience there have, there were plenty of times, going to martial arts conferences where he’d go and, some of the best networking happens at the bar at night, right?

Everybody says that. And it is true. For me, I’ve always gotten the most out of instantly and immediately doing whatever was taught to me because it’s fresh, it’s. Like when a new client signs up, they’re the most excited right then and there. And I could, stay late at the restaurant.

I could hang out at the bar and I’m sure great conversations would occur out of it. But if I learned something in that day and I know that it’s going to help move us forward, I’m doing a disservice to. To my team and to my clients. If I don’t instantly implement, I have very much a ready, fire, aim mentality.

And it’s just because I’m think partly I’m super competitive growing up in the martial arts industry, right? Competing in martial arts competitions. But to me it. Man, if I can get somewhere in 10 minutes as opposed to waiting 10 weeks, let me just do it now. The quote is, why put off tomorrow? What can get done today?

And I think especially with events and conferences, you’ve cleared out your calendar to be there, right? Like the, there’s nothing else going on. And I know when I get home, life’s gonna get in the. I know my calendar’s already full when I get home because I’m making up for what I missed while I was gone.

And I don’t wanna have that anxiety and overwhelm when I get home because I gotta do what’s on my calendar on top of adding in everything that I’ve learned. One of the things that also allows me to do this, and I always get frustrated when people don’t share full situation, is I have. I can be listening to Josh on stage and he says, you need to do X, Y, Z, and I can send a Slack message to my personal assistant and say, I need you to prioritize X, Y, and Z.

And I think that’s important. No, great share. And I really appreciate that. That’s a. Yeah. That’s amazing. Recently you actually, and I’ve seen you do this multiple times, but recently you did this with providing concierge level service on lead generation to your customers, and I know again, that’s something we learned at a conference we were both at and I’m, I will readily admit I’m in the process of going through the materials and I’m already.

Chris has implemented this and you’re bringing value to your clients, and I was so impressed with that. Can you share just a little bit with us about that service, because I know that’s something that, at least from what I understand, has added a tremendous amount of value to your clients by you implementing it.

Can you share a little bit about that concierge service? Yeah, a hundred percent. It’s something that our clients have been asking us to do for almost three years now. Two to three. So far that even clients were reaching out to account reps and saying, Hey, can I pay you under the table to follow up with my leads?

And the reason why we didn’t pull the trailer on is because we just didn’t have a space. So we started an office smaller than this. There were four of us, like our chairs would hit each other when we slid back. It was a coworking space and which helped to keep expenses down. But when I transitioned from that remote to in person and really started setting some big goals, I knew we needed more space.

So we, I bought an office building on the two suites. There’s an chiropractor in one, and the other side is 1500 square feet. And we moved into there and in under a year we went from four of us to 16 of us in 15 Wow. Square feet with one bathroom. not. And we just simply did not have the space to build out a call center.

Our model is in person, which is very different than the majority of agencies out. I realized that I was a much better in-person boss than I was a remote boss. It’s also a unique selling point that we can use in our sales process because all of our competitors are leveraging das and using remote services.

I truly believe that. It gives you an edge on customer service and training employees when you’re right next to each other as opposed to doing training via Zooms. So there’s a lot of reasons, I also spent a lot of money on paper towels and toilet paper and coffee and snacks and stuff like that.

So we were connect 1800 square foot building, and I had just. And then the building right next door went up for sale and it had 4,000 square foot spot and a 2000 square foot spot. There was a pediatrics office in the 2000 square foot spot, so I bought that building right next door, and we moved in July of last year.

First thing I did entire contractor and we built out a call center because it had a conference. It has 11 offices around the perimeter and then a really big open area. So in that really big open area, we boxed off one of the corners and created a call center. So the reason, you know why I didn’t ready fire, aim is we just didn’t have space.

And I’m not willing to go to a remote culture. I just, I think, a lot of changes, whether you wanna argue good or better. I very specific on wanting to be in person. So we launched it in July. , right when we moved in about two weeks later, the biggest martial arts conference of the year was happening in Las Vegas.

It was called the Martial Arts Super Show. I had five speaking spots and we also had a 20 by 10 booth. I brought four of my team members out with me. This was a huge trip. We probably invested close to $30,000 to get everybody out there and get the booth set up and all. , and this is when we launched the concierge program.

So we only took 20 people. We sold out like the first day and then we came home and it was time to, fulfill our promise. One of the things about concierge that you have to understand is you’re basically building a business within a business. It’s a very different model. I equate it to a martial arts school where there’s a lot of arts schools, they teach evening programs because everybody’s at work during the day and the kids are at school.

So like your classes start at four. But there’s a lot of martial arts schools that are looking to leverage the daytime period because you’re paying rent for it and your place is empty. So there’s lots of schools that decide to offer after school pickup programs where you hop in the 15 passenger van, you drive the to the school, you pick up the kids and you’re basically a glorified babysitter, is what.

But it’s a business within a business. You have a daycare within a martial arts school, and I equate having a call center inside of a digital marketing agency. Very similar. It’s a business within a business. So I joined Chris John Stone’s concierge Mastermind, and I went through his like six or eight week program and it was nice to have somebody to lean on to, to ask questions, but our models were very, He works with realtors and mortgage brokers where basically clients were giving the agent a list of leads that they had, and they do a lot of outbound package calling, right?

Pay us X amount and will make a thousand calls for you. That’s not really what our industry needs. Our industry needs. Hey, you just generated a lead. I need somebody to pick up the phone and call that lead. And that’s what our program does. And imagine. , sitting at your desk and randomly, every time you get a notification, you gotta go make a phone call and.

It’s just a very different model. Sure. When we started, you have to start with two agents. You have to hire two people because if one person calls out, guess what? The leads still have to be followed up with. It’s like the afterschool program. If one of my drivers called in sick, guess who’s driving the van?

It’s me. It took us about four months to really build an efficient model, and what we struggled most with was the tech. What technology are we going to use in order for this to get great results for our clients, but also be super efficient for the agents? And we had to use high level because that’s the platform that all of our clients are on and recognize very quickly some of the challenges with sole museum, high level.

It’s, again, it took about four months for us to figure that. Set up workflows, power dialers. So what our offer is we will follow up with a lead that is generated on Facebook or through a website or through a full form between the hours and 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM and we will eastern time and we will follow up within five minutes.

We will continue following up for another seven. There was a Harvard business study that came out a few years ago on lead response generation, and they found that the seventh touchpoint is the sweet spot to be able to book. And think of your own clients, right? What mostly happens in a business is they get a lead.

Oh, cool. They call the lead. The lead doesn’t pick up, and then that lead goes in the black hole of all of the other thousands of weeds that have been generated, and it’s. Owners and employees are wearing a lot of hats and, oh, did I call that being twice already? Did I text them yet? Did I leave a voicemail?

How many emails have they gotten? It’s a lot to keep up with. So also building out that model of what was the ideal follow up look like, took some time. Ideally for us, we wanted to be able to call the lead twice in. . But if an agent has 20 accounts and let’s say out of those 20 accounts you generated 80 leads that day, that’s 160 phone calls just for those leads in day one.

That doesn’t include all the follow up you have to do for the leads that Amon the previous weeks. So that wasn’t scalable for us. And I know there’s a lot of call center software out there, but we really needed to make it work with high. So the biggest struggle for us was figuring out that tech stack and figuring out the best rhythm of reaching out to the leads without being overly aggressive.

I remember throughout this process, my wife and I wanted to get a key lock, a home, 20 line of credit on our health in case, a deal came for the week. We could have that ready to go. I went online and I think I went to lending. And I put my information in and what a mistake that was.

Because I was getting, this is not an exaggeration, over 20 phone calls a day from all of these different roads that we’re trying to, and it, I will never do a deal with Lending Tree cause. And they followed up for almost 60 days. And it got to the point where I finally pick and I’m gonna say, take me off all this.

They have all of these different agents and they all have different, So you might get off of one agent’s call this, but you’re not off of one second. And I think there’s a fine balance in, making sure you’re not aggressively following up because No, great sharing. Again, some, I so appreciate your stories.

It makes everything really resonate. Chris that’s awesome. As we look forward and as you look forward, one of the things I love to. Is, you’re deep in the digital marketing space, as are a lot of the people that we know. What things do you see coming on the digital marketing horizon?

And I don’t know how good your crystal ball is or if you even have one, but I always love to ask, do you see anything that you think is worth talking about or mentioning, or do you see as my mentor, one of my mentors that tells me all the time the vehicle changes, but nothing else does. He used to sell billboards.

He’s now retired and he goes, what you do in digital marketing really isn’t any different than when I sold billboards. He goes, yes, I know it’s different technology, but it’s the same thing. Where do you stand on that and do you see anything on the horizon that you think business owners should be paying attention to as it relates to digital marketing?

Yeah, for sure. We gotta talk about ai, but we’ll hold off on that in a second. I. , excuse me. What we are moving more towards year after year are businesses that want to consolidate the amount of companies that they’re working with, right? , do I really wanna have the website company, which is different than the CRM company, which is different than the lead follow-up company, which is different than the lead generation company.

I think a lot of business owners are looking for end-to-end service. . And I think that could be great for some businesses because it opens up other verticals that they can go into. But I think it can also be, detrimental if they don’t have the appropriate skillset to be able to deliver. If you’re, if you’ve got an agency that’s operating at 40% and now you wanna add concierge how great are you gonna be at concierge?

When people ask me, should I add this in? , of course, the initial response seems oh it’s a no-brainer. It’s a need that my clients have. We’re generating the leads. We know they’re not following up with ’em because we can see it in high level, right? Or if they are following up, we’re listening to the phone call and it’s awful.

We know that it’s something they need, but if your agency doesn’t have the foundational elements that it needs, this isn’t just gonna magically make everything you know better over. . So I think users, clients are really looking for those end-to-end services, but you have to be smart about, implementing them.

I’ve never been a fan of white label, never used a white label company, with the exception of high level, which is, slightly different than hiring a company to run your ads for your clients. , absolutely. But I think people are so quick to pull that trigger cuz they know, oh, my client needs this, I can’t do it.

I don’t have the skillset, so let me just hire out a white label. While your margins are very small and now your business’s reputation is on the line on whether or not it’s other company can deliver. And for me, like if I. Man, there really is a need in my company. There was never a thought that I’m just gonna outsource this to a call center for my concierge program.

It was, I’m gonna develop skills that I need enough so that I can train other people so that they can do this in-house. So I think end-to-end services, we’re gonna continue to see that in the future. And obviously you. AI that’s been around for a minute, but it hasn’t been around to the public, and I’m sure any agency user on here has, been toying around in some fashion.

With chat G P T I actually did a webinar for our martial arts clients on all of the different ways that they can use it in their school. And jocks were just, in the ground. There are, I think, some people that are really scared of it. No, I can like that two options, learn how to leverage it or be scared of it and I think the agencies that are gonna be open to learning how to leverage it, like it’s not sentiment yet, so I don’t think it’s putting us out of a job, but I do think you need to train your team on how to leverage it. I did a training for my team on chat, G P t and one of the team members said I’m really scared, this is gonna take my job.

and it’s make sure you’re leveling up your skillset and if you know how to use it, you’re now more efficient, you’re now more valuable as well. So it can’t be something you know, that you ignore. I think how there was a lot of transfer of wealth that occurred during Covid, I believe there’s gonna be another huge transfer of wealth with ai and we’re obviously just seeing the AI.

Which is why it’s so important that you surround yourself with people that on cutting edge, right? Josh said, figured, brought in somebody to do a webinar for us. I’m now part of an guy’s group, but I working to sign up for his program as well. So it’s here and I don’t think should be, cause what’s that menu, right?

If we need to leverage it and help us, make us, efficient. For me, what I’m so excited about is that I can teach it. One of the coolest things is we have a process called the Four Steps of Selling that we teach our clients. Let’s say you’re doing a Stranger Danger community event, your martial arts school, you got this list of leads that we gotta pick up the phone call.

We give them a framework because who wants to make the phone call first? Who needs to make the phone call better? and the framework is the reason why you’re home. You sell it and paint the picture of why it’s so amazing. You’ve given them some form of urgency and starts to do with a call to action. And then you close it.

And I went in the chat from pizza and I said, this is our closing system. It’s all the four steps of cell, step one, step two, step three, step four. I taught it and then I said, I want you to write me a script for the stranger. And I think that was one of the things I was really excited about is how can we use this to personalize our own stuff that we’re even doing in our agency.

And I’m a total dude. I’d say I was a white belt in ai, but I don’t even know if I tied the white belt on, per se. . But one of our values at growth from this continuous growth, we continuum grow for the company, the client itself, and being the visionary of the company r and b is one of my main roles and responsibilities.

And I’m gonna get left behind if it’s not front of. No I agree with you. I think every change brings apart or brings with it opportunity, and I think that is, as an entrepreneur like you, that’s one of the things I immediately look at is, okay, no one really loves change. We like getting comfortable, but at the same point, change brings opportunity.

And I know I, for one, as an entrepreneur, I love opportunity and so it’s a very exciting time. , I commend you on being open and taking a look at it. You like, I have seen two probably very different perspectives within our marketing industry, those that are embracing it and saying, Hey, this is a tool.

And those that are saying, Nope, don’t touch it. It’s gonna, you’re gonna get slapped essentially for it if you do. And I just enco I think it’s awesome. Again, this is, this equals opportunity. What does it look like? I can’t tell you today anymore than you can, but it’s opportunity one way or the.

Yeah, I taught that webinar and at the end everybody was like, you should have charged for this . Hey, maybe I’m putting a query prompt course out here in the future, but like you said, yeah, I think that’s gonna be big opportunity, no, absolutely. I was just talking to my 15 year old son about that.

I said he, he loves all the technology and he’s in, he loves chat gtp, and I’m like, Hey, if you can learn how to write these queries and be a. Engineer or prompt specialist there, there’s real opportunity here. So absolutely. . Chris, one of the other things in the name of the podcast is the 91 Day Success podcast, and we do that for a reason because I love to talk to entrepreneurs and successful business people like yourself and say, Hey, as we look at the economy, there’s a lot of people that look at the next couple years and are thinking, Hey, more changes coming.

And I know some people in that process are thinking about starting a side gig, maybe leaving their job and starting their own thing. Maybe being worried about getting laid off and going, where do I. And as an experienced business person, Chris if I came to you and said, proverbially, of course, here’s a thousand dollars.

You’ve got your car, you’ve got your house, you’ve got a laptop on high speed internet, what are you gonna do in the first 91 days to build a business? That maybe gets to the point, maybe a goal of generating $10,000 in revenue a month. One. As a business owner, what might you do? What could you share with the audience that you might.

If I had three months, here’s how I’d get started. Any thoughts on that? I love this question. It reminds me of Theran Cardone, the TV show, the, where he pretends to be broke and does something very similar for me. , I would look at all. And anybody in general, what are the skill sets that you have?

So earlier today we talked about how I have a degree in education. I believe teaching is a superpower. I obviously also know how to run Facebook adsd. So if I had a thousand dollars and you gave me 90 days, I would put out a course of something that I know just a little bit more than my customer avatar knows.

I think that there’s this misconception that you need to be a guru or an. And I’ll use martial arts as a, as an example, we have instructors that aren’t black belt. So in Brazilian jujitsu there’s five belt rinks, white, blue, purple, brown, black. Very different in jujitsu than two other traditional martial arts, like TaeKwonDo.

You can get a black belt in three years. Doesn’t take very long in jujitsu. The average person it takes 10 years. So wow. I can have a blue bell for a purple. Teeth, my white belts, because they know more than the white belt. . So that’s what I would do. , I would use my phone. You said I had laptops so I could use my laptop camera, I’d hop on Zoom.

Zoom is free for the first 40 minutes, so I would just. Film in 40 minute increments. I would put together some worksheets that go along with the video, so we could add that as a bonus. I would include an upsell on a one-on-one coaching, or maybe a 90 day coaching package that’s included to help them take the next step.

And I take the thousand bucks, haven’t spent anything because Zoom is free, right? I take the thousand bucks probably. I could even just use a Facebook group to host the course, because that is free. If I wanted to spend maybe 99 bucks on Teachable or something like that to, to host it in there, I could, but you really could create a group coaching course and an ongoing group, coaching program with a Facebook group.

It’s completely free, and I use the money to run ads to my targeted. And I know in under 90 days I could easily make $10,000 cause I had before Chris. I love it. I love it. Oh, thank you so much for the amazing shares today. You again, you bring so much expertise and ex and just professionalism to the table.

I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know you a little bit over the last year and so grateful you took the time outta your schedule to join us today on the podcast. I know you’ve got a lot going. Thank you. That’s all I can say. You’ve been an amazing guest and I’m just thrilled.

Question, quick question. I know we’re gonna put all your links up on the screen and everything else, but if somebody’s in the martial arts or in the dance arena, you’re expanding into and they go, man, I need to talk to Chris because she’s got this together. What’s the best way for them to reach out Facebook dm?

That would be it. I actually have a love hate relationship with Facebook Messenger. Because anybody can contact you at any time. I got a message at 1223 in the morning the other day, and it was potential business, so I didn’t answer. Obviously I was sleeping, but yes, shoot me a a Facebook message.

Awesome, awesome. Again, Chris, thank you so very much. My pleasure. This will probably air afterwards. I look forward to seeing you, I think in two. I hope you’ll be in Miami. I’ll see you down there, know it, and look forward to it. Thank you again. You’ve been a tremendous guest and I appreciate it greatly.

Thanks for having me, Jonathan. All right. Thanks everybody for joining us on this episode of the 91 Day Success Podcast. If you’ve got any interest in what Chris is doing, please reach out, follower learn more. She also does a lot of videos and things like that on. Make sure you, you follow her and learn.

She is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing teacher, so make it a great day, everybody.

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