Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs

Raymond Hearn is a golf course designer that approaches each of his renovation, remodeling, and new design projects with the same passionate drive. Hearn’s testimonials from US and international club owners laud him and his course architecture and respect for their land.

An unparalleled mind for golf landscape design, however, can only reach so far into other endeavors. Hearn was having difficulty promoting his works to a broader audience. His website wasn’t doing him any favors.

Creating a web design that showcases Hearn’s keen eye was at the forefront of Valorous Circle’s early planning. The former rhgd.com did very little to highlight the courses Hearn spends hundreds of hours designing and renovating for his clients. A small homepage slider notwithstanding, we relegated course photos to secondary tabs and pages.

Valorous Circle’s design brings Hearn’s crowning glories to the forefront with full-width images of Hearn’s most impressive design achievements.

Prepare to be awestruck by the historic Flossmoor Country Club at dusk, the breathtaking beauty of Island Hills, and the rolling hills of Mistwood. When you visit the new Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs website, you know you’re in the presence of a great designer.

Revamping the imagery wasn’t the only improvement to rhgd.com. Inclusion of video now connects the viewer and Hearn like never before. Hear straight from the architect himself, and from course owners, what makes his ‘lay of the land’ approach to course design so imperative to the overall process.

When creating a website design for other designers, you must understand that the client may not love every new creative element. Carving bunker features out of the earth may not be the same as coding intricate web elements, but it takes the same innovative mind.

Valorous Circle is confident this new site meets the rigorous standards Hearn lays upon his himself ahead of every project.

Starting new design projects are never easy, but starting them with Valorous Circle can make all the difference.

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