Valorous Circle’s Top 5 Marketing Trends For 2019

New marketing trends help businesses stay ahead of the curve, but following each one isn’t for everybody. Last year was a highlight for Valorous Circle, as our trend topics became mainstream.

Companies were continually accepting the use of live video, VR, native advertising, and voice search. Only one trend, Google’s description field increase for search snippets, got the ax. We’ll take a solid 80 percent at predicting the future.

As technology and creativity continue to merge at breakneck speed, it won’t shock you to find familiar topics in this year’s new marketing trends. However, just because a product or service may seem old hat, its contemporary use and delivery is reason enough to make our list.


Top 5 New Marketing Trends for 2019


Machine learning and AI are taking over digital marketing. Estimates claim that 80 percent of companies will be using chatbots in less than two years. The technology is quite straightforward. A chatbot is a bot that talks to you while you’re reviewing a website.

The goal of these bots is to keep you on the site in helpful ways, eventually turning you into a qualified lead or customer within minutes. We often think of AI as devoid of a human touch thanks to movies and TV, but marketing with AI enhances the user experience by personalizing more services.

As we become more comfortable with chatbots and messaging apps, the stigma surrounding new marketing trends featuring AI will weaken. Personalized chatbots are the future of customer service, regardless if you want to speak to a person or not.

Distrusting third parties is more prevalent than ever after the data sales and breaches mentioned with social media platforms. While ads aren’t going away anytime soon, their visibility will start to decline with the use of more ad blocking software or the ability to hide brand sponsored posts on social network feeds.

Countering invasive ads will move toward creating engaging content, whether you’re producing it in-house or asking followers to do it for you. User-Generated content is a way for companies to gain exposure without so much as opening an Adobe Creative Suite program. By prompting users to interact with your product, you’re creating an army of mini marketers.

The process is reciprocal, too. As new content rolls in, it’s now up to your team to decide what’s new to rev up your clients who yearn to create something for the next cycle.

Companies can tell when the market is slowing or speeding up, and if the market is as volatile in 2019 as it was in 2018, then brands are going to have to store up some client resources for the long haul. We’re all familiar with loyalty programs like stamps, punches, or rewards cards, but what about the email?

Loyalty programs reward good buying behavior, and marketing automation is smart enough to track when someone receives, opens and clicks on an email. By combining two resources, a list of rewards customers and automation platforms, you can create a new standard of reward system based off of buyer reception (opening an email), intention (clicking on a link), and conversion (cart checkout) without the need of handing out plastic cards.

Dollar Shave Club. TheraBox. Trunk Club. Loot Crate. Hope Box. Subscription services are fun, exciting, and everywhere. So, why is this a 2019 trend? Boxing multiple products that retail higher than the subscription box is not a great deal on things you always need, as all of the monthly service boxes are primarily marketing tools. Now the digital marketplace is creating more ‘boxing’ services.

The digital service industry is taking a page from the consumer market by offering monthly subscriptions for online access or support. Boxing online services is more commonly known as bundling. Instead of bundling your phone, TV, and WiFi, however, agencies are starting to combine digital services more widely reserved for traditional client work, much like Valorous Circle’s support programs.

Trust in social media is peaking. Moreover, because of breach issues and data sell-offs, using multiple social media platforms is becoming worrisome for business owners. Not only are you in charge of protecting your information, but you also carry the private information of your customers. Two thousand nineteen will be the year of sticking to one channel.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have specific purposes. While it’s okay to have pages on each platform, try using just one to market your brand. After all, delivering the best content to the right people, not the most content to the broadest spread of people, is the ultimate goal.

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