Do You Know Who We’re Celebrating This Memorial Day Weekend?

With Memorial Day on the horizon, it’s important to know the distinction between each of the military holidays. Our military traditions run deep so it’s important to know why saying “thank you for your service” can have more than one meaning.

Armed Forces Day

Third Saturday in May

Armed Forces Day celebrates those actively serving in all branches of the military. If you’ve ever seen a halftime demonstration with a parent or husband or wife returning from overseas at a sporting event, these are the service members we recognize for their bravery. A veteran will undoubtedly reward your kindness with kindness, but this is not their day.


Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

Often regarded as the first weekend of summer, Memorial Day’s start is far more somber than the backyard grilling session. The last Monday in May makes us reflect on those we have lost both on and off the field of battle. Memorial Day is a time to honor the ultimate sacrifice for the United States. Reign in your messaging a little if it gets too “Happy.” Yes, we can all get excited about the extra day off in the sun, but we receive this day because others cannot.


Veterans Day

November 11

Despite what they may say, Veterans Day is not all about the Marine Corps. Sure, the USMC birthday is the day before. However, Veterans Day is international. Called Remembrance Day in France, Belgium and Canada, and Armistice Day by others, November 11 marks the anniversary of the end of World War I. Veterans Day impacts soldiers no longer in the fight, but still living to tell the tale. Although they haven’t entirely become as popular, VE and VJ Day are most in-line with what Veterans Day represents – the happy end to something both incredibly devastating and ultimately worthwhile.


The Army/Navy Football Game

Last Saturday of College Football Regular Season

OK, you got us. A football game isn’t a real holiday. Although, Army winning in 2017 for the first time in a decade was a rousing re-ignition to this classic rivalry and its introductory video proves its merit. No doubt you have a family member with a take on who wins each year. Go Navy, Beat Army. Go Army, Beat Navy. In the end, we’re all winners.


Military holidays give us time to reflect on those who make the greatest sacrifices. Make sure your business’ messaging reflects their courage and bravery.

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