How To Use the Classic Divi Editor in WordPress

If you use the Divi builder on your WordPress website you’ll likely notice the Divi facelift. If you’re not into the new look, the good news is that you can still use the familiar block interface that you’ve grown comfortable with. This blog post will show you how to go back to what is referred to as the “Classic Divi Editor.”



Go back to the “Classic Divi Editor”

Login to the ADMIN area of your Divi powered WordPress website and

  1. Click on the DIVI button on the left side menu of your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on the BUILDER tab of the Divi Theme Options screen
  3. Click on the ADVANCED tab (below the BUILDER tab)
  4. Ensure that the ENABLE THE LATEST DIVI BUILDER EXPERIENCE is DISABLED. If necessary, click on the ENABLED button to DISABLE this feature.
  5. If you have updated to WordPress 5.x you will also need to ENABLE the CLASSIC EDITOR. If you are still on WordPress 4.x (which is what we recommend at the time of this writing) then this option will not be available to you or necessary.

That’s all it takes. You will still notice some updated looks to the Divi Builder – ones that I do appreciate. In particular, you should notice that the layout screen is less “blocky” looking and a bit smaller making it easier to navigate to the section you want to edit.


Click on the image above to enlarge.


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