How to Create a Website: A 2018 New Year’s Business Resolution

We all have New year’s resolutions. For many, it’s working off those Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses, while others seek internal growth or go on journeys of self-discovery. You may not realize it, but your business needs resolutions, too. One question to ask yourself when the clock strikes midnight is how to create a website that pops in 2018.

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We could easily walk you through a step-by-step process of building a site from the ground up, but there are a few details we need to know before either changing your current online presence or generating a brand new digital footprint.

The first step is getting you and your associates into the door. Once the meeting is set a few days or weeks down the line and you’re sitting in our conference room, we can begin.

Finding out your business’ target market is priority No. 1. Target markets not only tell us how to direct traffic once your site is live but design it in ways to enhance the specific user experience.

It only takes a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, and that’s before they read a full sentence.

Creating and designing is more about flashy imagery and bold text. Specific generations may be more adept at handling different visuals, substance over style.



Valorous Circle uses a fifth-grade test. That is, what would a fifth grader notice about your site for five seconds and be able to report back to you? Could they know what you sell or what services you provide? Will the site be engaging and what can it do for someone?

And no, Jeff Foxworthy isn’t going to give you boatloads of cash if your answers meet the standards. But with the right mixture of responsiveness, graphics and engaging written copy, you’ll likely be far better off than with what your audience is seeing right now.

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