Stocking Stuffers: 6 Quick Holiday Marketing Tips

The holiday season can be an excellent time for businesses. People are shopping droves, almost everyone is with family, and the weather outside makes even the most mundane scenery look like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Here are six Holiday marketing tips to keep your customers happy this joyful season.


Coordinate Colors

There are two main color sets we inherently think of when we get to this time of the year. Red and Green & Blue and White. Using them both in page design and email campaigns is a must.

Not only are red and green the traditional Christmas colors, but they are also complementary colors – those directly opposite each other in the color spectrum.

Shades of blue mixed with white give the impression of snow and sky, or ice and water. Between the Israeli flag and other Jewish traditions, blue and white often represent Hanukkah.


Add Winter Backdrops

With snow as south as Louisiana this winter, any website in just about every locale can get away with a temporary winter backdrop. Valorous Circle is using one to promote our maintenance plan sale.

The page is a carbon copy of our standard maintenance plan page, but a touch of snowfall changes the message from generic to dynamic. It also tells the online viewer that you keep your website up to date by the month and not the year.


Keep it Simple

Unless you’re a bar or restaurant, there is no reason to go overboard on marketing and advertising dollars during Christmas and New Year’s Day.

If you close your doors on these days, you should close your checkbooks as well. Announce when you’ll be open next and let families readjust to their regular schedules.

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Leave Santa Alone

It may seem counterintuitive not to mention the Man in Red’s name, but search results don’t lie. Unless you’re a toymaker, there’s no reason to name drop, and especially keyword, Santa Claus.

With billions of search results for thousands of Saint Nick related terms, the easiest way to stand out is to leave the jolly old elf alone.


Fight Festive Fatigue

Christmastime isn’t for everyone. And for some, the holiday season adds more anxiety to an already busy time of the year. For many businesses, it’s a mad rush to get things on the books or start planning for the next quarter’s, or year’s, budget.

Make sure at least a couple announcements, newsletter items, and social media posts aren’t holiday themed, or you risk alienating overwhelmed customers.


Give Gifts

The time is right to reward customers with special deals. Restaurants, retailers and service businesses represent the majority of your gift card haul every year. Jump on the bandwagon by offering incentives for purchasing more gift cards.

Adding $5 for every $25 spent is quite common. Selling gift cards also have a hidden bonus – sometimes they’re never redeemed, meaning you’ll make huge margins on inexpensive plastic without losing inventory.

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