A Google My Business Listing Is Your Best Free Marketing Asset

A Google My Business listing is the most important arrow in your quiver when it comes to customers directly finding your business online.

If you’re looking for flash and frills to increase sales and win over customers, odds are you’re overlooking one of the most fundamental principals of marketing – people need facts. And a Google My Business listing is all about facts.

And to top it off, the listing is free.

The point, or rather, design, of a Google My Business listing, is to convey and display the nuts and bolts of your company to the people who are choosing to interface with it directly.

People are not finding your listing by searching a collection of keywords. People are finding your listing, conveniently located on the right-hand side of the browser window, by typing or speaking the name of your business into their keyboard or phone.

It’s important to get the information correct, as the audience wants to know the elemental Ws right off the bat. Who are you? What services do you offer? Where is your office, retail setup or location area? Why should I choose you over a competitor (reviews)? When are you open for business?

A viewer will see a photo, a map, reviews, links to your website and directions. These quick hits precede the address, hours, phone number and another way to get in touch, like an appointment booking site or an email.

And even with all of that, you’re still not done setting your business up for success.

Recent updates to the free service add a layer of shareable items to the listing. Is your latest blog ready to post or your next event need seats to fill? Then you’re in luck with Google My Business.

Adding posts is as easy as uploading a photo and sharing a link. While not as automated as social media, posts on Google are another convenient way of sharing your marketing messages.

Google My Business’ customization and responsive continuity make creating a listing one of the few ‘slam dunks’ of free marketing. 


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