Boost Your Email Newsletter Signups with This Proven Technique

Increase Your Email Newsletter Signups with This Proven Technique

An email newsletter list is crucial to your digital marketing strategy. With minimal investment, you gain direct access to potential and current customers’ inboxes. While people may not always open emails they receive, they do at least see them, whereas social media posts could go unseen by the majority of your followers.

With the amount of data you can collect today via Google Analytics, surveys, and more, you can segment your customers and deliver hyper-targeted content that makes them feel like you are speaking directly to them. This is why email marketing conversion rates are often one of the highest you’ll have in comparison to your other digital marketing efforts.

You don’t have to limit your email newsletter to company news either, you can send the people on your list new blog posts, helpful videos, promotional content, and much more. You can literally walk your customer through a sales funnel taking them from just interested to repeat customer. You can start with general marketing information and then narrow it down to specific types of content they like to consume most, showing them how you can solve the problem they have. None of this is possible without first getting people to sign up though. If you want to increase the number of people who sign up, then check out the proven technique in the video above.

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