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Growing old doesn’t mean staying old. As a leader in providing independent and assisted living services in the greater Muskegon area, it’s vital that DaySpring Service’s online extension lives up to its resident’s daily life of diverse and energetic activities. Any web design can generate leads as long as you have targeted messaging in place.

When you cannot target your primary customers effectively, however, it’s difficult to attract any following at all.

DaySpring struggled with receiving quality leads from its old website. The site lacked a targeted messaging focus of daughters looking for future homes for their aging parents.

Specifically, daughters between the ages of 50 and 60 who knew their parents needed to transition into a more structured life away from their current living arrangement. Spending three seconds on the old site wouldn’t give you the information you were seeking. You would have been more concerned about the couple frolicking in a tulip field or the woman in the Adirondack chair dangerously close to the ocean waters.

While DaySpring is a more lively and vibrant place than most senior living centers, there’s a significant lack of frolicking.

Speaking of vibrancy, our client also wanted to showcase itself off to future employees. Often overlooked and underappreciated to business is the impact an outdated website has on the hiring process. How many potential hires do you lose because they took those same three seconds to decide it would not be a good fit?

A new website must build inroads into the community the client operates. One of the key markers of successful targeted messaging projects is how businesses laid the foundation of their websites. While how it looks is important, you need to understand how your target market feels and layer that into the design.

What colors did you use? Did you know green is the color most associated with unconditional love? Did you know women appreciate white space and clear navigation options more than men? And if you’re targeting women and men whose parents are living in your spaces, shouldn’t you feature that relationship in your imagery?

DaySpring's targeted messaging relies on the relationship with 50-60 year old daughters have to their aging parents. The DaySpring About section header featuring a 50-year old woman and her father.

There are plenty of questions DaySpring didn’t know they needed to ask. From the start of our project to its completion, Valorous Circle did our best to answer every one of them.

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