If you buy a table for stability and purpose, form and function, then you must market it for the same reasons. OMT-Veyhl is an industry leader at every level, and its custom web design now matches that very same attitude.

One look at its history and you’ll discover that OMT-Veyhl is an ever-evolving company. It’s the pinnacle of automation and human innovation. With hundreds of employees and many moving parts, Valorous Circle’s website project exemplifies OMT-Veyhl’s ingenuity and dynamism.

The new OMT-Veyhl site is not an online retail space. It’s an insight into how your office, home, and school can improve with the latest technology. To match this tone, Valorous Circle’s web developers used all the tools and code to create a custom design for OMT-Veyhl, integrating the drafting and manufacturing process with how the buyer will ultimately use its products.

OMT-Veyhl's heartbeat effect on display underneath the logo.

Many businesses spend too many dollars worrying about their home pages. Yes, a home page is worth getting right, but if the rest of the site lacks usable information, then you have a website with all pomp and no circumstance.

A mega menu is an expandable menu option emanating from the header. This list often expands to fit the needs of each heading’s category options and is no more apparent than displaying OMT-Veyhl’s many office products.

For OMT-Veyhl, each drop-down menu is dynamic. Every option displays with the same template design and can be as ornate or simplified as the developer wishes. A “heartbeat effect” adds an element of fun to the custom layout. Take notice of the thin orange line underneath the OMT-Veyhl logo and the header options. The slight downward dip is your lifeline guide to each of the mega menus, pulsing from one option to the next, taking you on your journey from Products to Who We Are, What We Do and Resources.

Table Talk

OMT-Veyhl’s Products page reflects a potential customer’s state of mind when they are in the earliest stage of the planning process.

Slide your cursor over the design that pairs best with your project, and you will find a rendering. Each rendering represents a product page guiding the user from real-life use to features, spec sheets, guides and diagrams leading to a quote button.

History in the Making

Whether it’s white space or images or bands of vibrant color, every site needs a background. OMT-Veyhl repeatedly proves itself to be one of the most customizable websites in Valorous Circle’s portfolio, and the background is no different.

The background weaves from white to light gray to a fractionally darker shade. The graphic continually scales itself without load-time impact. For instance, if all sections of OMT-Veyhl’s What We Do page expand, so, too does the background. Typically, it takes a grand image to overlay the background of a site. These images must be tremendous to account for viewing on the widest desktops which negatively impact site load times (and Google rankings).

Rather than dump all information on OMT-Veyhl’s company history, manufacturing capabilities, and techniques into one long stream of overwhelming text, Valorous Circle’s custom design team broke the mold and created something new.

Each mega menu subcategory on these pages exists in its compressed form, waiting to expand and educate the client, both textually and visually, on what makes OMT-Veyhl an industry leader.

Editable through Divi, Valorous Circle’s preferred page builder plugin, OMT-Veyhl’s history is “future proof.” As the company moves through time and expands into new spaces, so will its online history.

Custom design for OMT-Veyhl also includes this history page, completed only through Divi and CSS.

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