Anna’s House

The desire to be extraordinary comes at a cost – you have to be extraordinary. Few companies live up to this better than Anna’s House. A family-owned and operated breakfast and lunch establishment since 2002, Anna’s House goes above and beyond the standard greasy spoon offerings while giving each customer the same classic feel of being in a traditional 1950’s diner.

There was one major problem. While people could see it, nobody could feel it.

You can’t cover-complicate restaurant websites if you want to attract the breakfast crowd. A customer should know where they’re going, when is that place open, and what kind of food and prices will be there waiting for them.

Locations. Menus. Photo Galleries. And maybe a little bit of extra history info, for flavor.

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Walking into an Anna’s House location, you’ll immediately notice the way light blues and pale greens on wooden or tile surfaces pop and perk like the first cup of morning coffee or fresh-squeezed orange juice.

The cheerful attitude of every Anna’s House location could turn Oscar the Grouch into a morning person. And now its website reflects that feeling and extends the invitation to its tables.

With seven current locations throughout West, Southwest, and Southeast Michigan, being able to choose your restaurant and discover its menu variations is now easier than ever. The menu, location, and online ordering buttons are front and center along with a delightful array of sumptuous breakfast and dessert options.

If your stomach is still undecided, head to the Gallery where you can feast your eyes on scrambles, sweet treats, savory platters, and other mouth-watering dishes. You won’t find staged shots or deceptive angles in this gallery.

Unlike other places where the real deal might be two sullen buns and a patty that will live longer than stone monuments, Anna’s House pictures are the same on the website that you’ll see in front of your face soon after walking through its doors.

Great restaurant website design relies on an ability to showcase more than food. It’s about how fast you can make someone feel hungry.

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