9 Free Website Traffic Tips

If you have a website you need traffic; unfortunately getting those visitors to your site isn’t always easy.  There are a number of ways that you can drive traffic to your website and sometimes it is helpful if you can be a little creative with your traffic generation.  Let’s take a look at nine amazing ideas for website traffic building.

1. Social photo sharing sites

Social photo sharing sites are a great way to drive traffic to your website. The most popular photo sharing site is Instagram. The idea is to have your website and Instagram working in unison to draw traffic to your site.

Whenever you write a new post on your blog you can add a link to Instagram. When you share photos on Instagram you can add good tags to attract members to use your photos. Your site will be working in conjunction with Instagram to bring you traffic.

2. Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are another great option for building traffic.  Two of the most popular social bookmarking sites are Pinterest and Reddit. You can make friends with people on social bookmarking sites that share the same interests as the topic of your website.  Include a link to your website in your profile information and you can also share your website link.

There are a number of different social bookmarking sites. They work in different ways and it is recommended to us more than just one of these sites to get the most website traffic.  Promoting your site on social bookmarking sites can make your site very popular as long as you don’t spam these sites.

3. Blog Commenting

The next traffic building method is blogging commenting.  Find other blogs in the same niche as your website and leave comments.  When you use blog commenting you should always make a comment that is relevant to the post topic and be informative.  If you don’t leave relevant comments then your comment may be viewed as a spam comment and will likely be deleted.  If your comment is informative then people who read your comment may click on your link and visit your website.

4. Forum Marketing

Join forums within your niche and make relevant forum posts.  Have a link to your website in your signature so every time that you make a post on the forum you are creating a backlink to your website.

Never spam forums or you will soon have your account deleted and your time will be wasted.  When you give informative posts then other forum members are more likely to click on the link in your signature and visit your website.

5. Word of Mouth Marketing

Use word of mouth marketing by letting your friends and associates know about your website and ask them to spread the word.

You can also ask your friends to place a link to your site on their websites if they have a website of their own and by using their visitors and contacts you can increase your own website traffic.

6. Link Exchange

Contact other websites that are relevant to your prospects and customers and ask them to put your website link on their website.  Explain the value that your website will have to the viewers of the website you want the link on.

7. Article Marketing & Backlinks

Create some articles for marketing to build up backlinks to your website. If you write interesting and informative articles then your article readers will click on your link and visit your website.

8. Podcasting & Video Blogging

Add some podcasts and video blogs to your site to increase your exposure.  People love video and audio so adding some of these to your website will make it more interesting and entice more visitors.

9. Include Your Website Link on Your Marketing Materials

It seems so simple yet many businesses fail to include their website url in their marketing campaigns. Your website needs to be on more than just your letterhead and business cards.

TIP: There is no need to use “www.” at the beginning of your website url.

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