7 Effective Email Marketing Hacks

Email marketing has the potential to be the single most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Don’t take my word for it: if you check the blogs of any of the biggest ‘make money’ experts on the web, they will almost unanimously advise that email marketing should be front and center as part of your marketing and that it is more profitable than many other kinds combined!

That being said, the fact remains that a lot of people aren’t going about their email marketing in the right way. This article will describe 7 incredibly powerful email hacks that can instantly increase your engagement, your deliverability, your conversions and more. 

1. Warm Up Your List

To avoid getting a bad ‘sender reputation’, it’s very important to avoid letting emails bounce or get delivered with very poor open rates. A good way to protect yourself from this fate is to first ‘warm up’ your IP address and mailing list. That means sending some emails from your account to only your most engaged members – maybe even friends and family. This will get you off to a good start which could stand you in good stead if things take a turn later on. 

2. Keep Your Friends and Relatives On There

For this same reason, you should keep friends and relatives on your mailing list. They will (hopefully) always open them, which can help just a little in keeping your sender rep positive. 

3. Send Emails Consistently

Don’t go long periods without sending emails and likewise, don’t go through phases of bombarding your audience. Let your recipients know what to expect and they’ll be less likely to complain or get frustrated with you. 

4. Tease the Next Email

Once you have a consistent schedule, you can use this to your advantage by getting your recipients to eagerly await each new installment! Do this by teasing what’s coming up and making it sound highly exciting. 

5. Use Split Testing

Split testing means that you are going to send out two very similar emails, perhaps with subtly different subject headings, and then see which performs best. This will teach you the best practices to adopt and thus help you to optimize your process. 

6. Use a Landing Page Builder

Something like Elementor or Divi on WordPress will help you to create more professional looking landing pages which will in turn help you to get more conversions

NOTE: We do not recommend using a landing page service or building your landing pages on a platform other than your website. Your landing pages provide rich search engine content that can help your website rank higher in the search results. If you put your landing pages somewhere other than on your website you will lose that precious and valuable search engine optimization content!

7. Calculate How Much You Can Spend on Advertising

Once you have a landing page, you can then use PPC (pay per click) advertising to direct traffic there. You now know how much you are paying (maximum) for each visitor. If you know what your conversion rate is and you can calculate the average number of purchases each subscriber makes (and how much profit comes from each one), you can choose the perfect budget for your ads and guarantee that you’ll stay in profit! Almost… 

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