7 Additional Email Marketing Hacks

I recently wrote two articles about “Email Marketing Hacks” and today I have 7 additional email marketing hacks for you!

1. Use a Lightbox

Lightboxes are ‘popovers’ that appear on top of the rest of your content in a window and cause the rest of the site to go black. Normally, they force the user to click ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’ to dismiss and in most cases, they are promoting a mailing list. While these can be a little frustrating for the user, studies show that they increase conversions by as much as 400% which makes them highly worthwhile.

2. Use a Sidebar Widget

Remember that a lot of your visitors won’t land on your website or blog through the home page. If you have popular blog posts or pages within your site, then you need a sidebar widget that will contain your opt-in form. This way, people will be able to sign-up wherever they land on your site and you will drive many more conversions as a result.

3. Mention Your Mailing List in Your Text

Another way you can get people to sign up from your blog is simply to mention your email list in your blog posts. Again, if you have a post or two that is very popular, you can simply add a little section toward the end saying that you have much more content like this that you’d like to share and that you’d love it if people could sign up.

Sometimes the simplest methods involve just asking! And you can do the same through your social media too or on your YouTube channel. And it works both ways: don’t forget to ask your email subscribers if they’ll consider following you on Twitter.

4. Try the AIDA Format

If you want to sell through your mailing list, then don’t go straight in for the kill. Instead, try to build awareness and attention first and take advantage of the serialized nature of your emails. You can do this by using the AIDA structure: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.

5. Ask People to Forward on Your Emails

Remember how we said it was a good idea to ask people to sign up? Likewise, you can also just ask people to forward on your emails to others. This is a fantastic way to get your messages to spread and especially because your messages will be coming from addresses that people already know.

But of course, for an email to be worth sharing, you’re going to need to ensure that you pack in a ton of value!

6. Include an Opt-In Form

If you are going to ask people to manually spread your emails around then don’t forget to include an opt-in form right in the message, or alternatively to include a link to one. Otherwise it won’t lead to new subscribers, which is kind of the point!

7. Wake People Up With a Giveaway

Has your list gone sleepy? Is the list that once used to respond by rapidly opening every single message now not paying any attention to your new correspondence? You can fix this problem by getting your audience to wake up with an exciting email. One good option is to give something away for free and to mention that right in your subject line.

As well as getting people to click who might have stopped, this also builds a lot of goodwill. We are very used to getting things only when people want something. But if you can send an email that gives something away completely for free to people who are already subscribers… then that is unexpected! And this can win you the kind of goodwill that helps to really engage your audience and make proper fans who will support you going forward.

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