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 So you need to realize the most important part of a clip is the first two seconds. People are making decision when they’re scrolling, if they’re gonna watch your video or keep scrolling. So you need to make it very important that your audience is like recognized in the first couple of seconds.

Hi, and welcome to the 91 Day Success podcast. As usual, I’ve got an amazing guest with me today and someone who I’m really excited to talk to and share with you guys as well. I’ve got Brady sticker from Church Candy on, and not only does he have one of the coolest company names in the world, he’s managed to take all the things that he’s learned and pursue a passion of his to earn money and.

An entire industry out, and I’m gonna mess that up. So before I do that, any, any further, Brady, tell us, give us the elevator pitch on you and church candy before we dive into things. How, tell everybody about yourself. . Yeah. Yeah, man. F for me, I have always had a love for churches in ministry when I was growing up.

My dad, Billy you actually might know this, he actually used to be a youth pastor whenever I was born. Yeah. He didn’t have his own business. He didn’t have Cairo candy. He worked at a WA as a waiter at Cheddar’s and was a youth. and like I, I’ve grown up in church. When I graduated high school, I went to a bible college to pursue a career in youth ministry.

Wanted to be a youth pastor. And a as I was going to school to become a youth pastor, my dad started Cairo Candy, and whenever he had about maybe a dozen, maybe two dozen account, Two dozen clients, he reached out to me to help him manage this as it grew. And I came on board and we scaled that company now doing multi seven figures.

We have over 20 20 team members that are full-time, all based here in the United States. But Jonathan, between you and me, I’m just not super passionate about chiropractors, don’t tell my dad that. And so at the time, I knew God was calling me to do more than just that. And sure. So at my church where I served as a youth pastor, I started helping our ministry with digital marketing.

So Facebook, Instagram ads, things like that. And we saw a lot of success with it. God gave us a lot of favor there. And essentially what happened, my pastor just started telling his friends and referring, Over to us. And at the beginning of 2021, I called up the state of Texas and registered Church Candy Marketing, l c.

And we, I had already had six or seven churches that were working with us. But we officially like. Started working at it and taking it very seriously at the beginning of 2021. And now we’ve scaled that up to, in the past year now have about 65 churches that we’re working with.

And man, it is, it’s awesome. It’s so fulfilling. I love helping the Kingdom. And the fact that we have five full-time team members at Church Candy makes me happy too, that it’s like not only is it helping absolutely support my family. But one of the churches, they’re reaching more people and they’re growing and their ministries are thriving, and our team members are getting to step in to the purpose that God’s called them to, and they’re being fulfilled and they love what they do and it’s they’re being able to provide for their families doing this as well.

It’s man, it’s really cool. . It’s truly one of those win situations. Everybody wins. You’re winning. The your churches you’re working for are winning. Your team’s winning. It’s just fabulous. And I’m a candidly sh I don’t wanna say shocked, but I’m just so impressed to see. The growth that you’ve had over the last couple of years, it’s really been amazing.

And to watch you take that as a young man yourself and just leverage the skills that you’ve got, the knowledge that you’ve got and pursuing that passion. As an old guy on my end who’s a little bit older than your dad I’m impressed as I’ll get out. And it’s been so much fun to watch you grow through that.

And I, it’s just been amazing. Yeah. Tell me a little, tell me a little bit about what. , what do you do for churches? It’s church candy. It’s not just about putting peppermints from grandpa in the back of the church. What do you do? . Yeah. So Jonathan, we focus on helping churches get new families into their Sunday services.

There are great church marketing companies that do amazing graphic designs, and there’s amazing church marketing company that will help the pastors do the graphics for their video content or make service announcements and do the sermons, slides for. All that’s great. We don’t do any of that

We only care about getting new families into the building of these churches. And I think I had said that we started in 2021. We actually started in 2022. Okay. Even more important ever since, yeah. Ever since Covid the, all the 2020s just blend together. Yes, they have. And so yeah, we started in 2020, so last year.

It’s crazy. It was our first full year as a company. And so we focus on lead generation helping these churches get. connected with families in their communities. And so the process works, we will set up ads on, typically right now, Instagram and Facebook is seeing the best results.

So just doing lead gen adss on there where the main call to action for the church is plan your visit to Vibrant Church would be what the ad is about. Say, Hey, if you live in the Woodlands, which is where I live outside of. If you live in the Woodlands area and you’re looking for a new church home, we’d love to invite you to our ministry.

We have services at these times right here in the heart of the Woodlands. Click below to plan your visit to our Sunday service. And essentially the funnel works. People see the ad, they click on it, they fill out a form, basically answering name, phone number, and then we will help the pastors follow.

With the people that go through that form and plan a visit. So they’ll get a, like the family gets the text saying, Hey John, this is Pastor Brady with Vibrant Church, so all you plan to visit for our church this Sunday. Quick question, how many people are coming with the Smith crew? And it’s cool because a lot of the times people aren’t maybe don’t have great relationships with the pa.

If you, especially look at larger churches, I know a lot of. That have never even met their pastor. Like their pastors do not know their name. And as your church grows, that tends to happen. And making it very personable and we will coach the pastors to film like a selfie video and send it to every single person that plans a visit and say their name in it, rather than just having one video they send to everyone.

So we coach the pastors. Doing that and following up with the leads that we generate with them. And we automate a lot of that too. But you can’t really automate pastoral care yeah. We kinda frame it is, we’ll initiate that. We’ll help you initiate. The conversation, but you guys need to be there to take over and follow up with that person, make them feel seen, make them feel heard in order for them to actually show up on Sunday morning to your church.

So that’s really what we focus on. We will do things like websites and SEO and some of these things. I don’t even like to call ’em upsells. It’s just if people ask if we do it and that’s a service that they want, absolutely. We’ll help them with that. , however, you know this seo O if I get a new SEO client today. In January, it might not be until June or July before we’re really seeing rockstar results. Absolutely. Whereas I can turn on a Facebook ad for a church today and they have a new family show up on Sunday, and so they’re really quick wins and I think that is accredited to most of our results because it’s so quick to get results for these churches.

They’re ecstatic. Our retention’s great. They’re telling their friends and I think that’s one of the main reasons we’ve grown so quickly in the past. . Just an amazing story and so cool to hear that whole setup. I know as we were doing the pre-call, I was mentioning just last night, I saw you had shared that there was a one of your churches had shared, and I’ll paraphrase, but he can’t imagine how they did church planting before church candy.

Because it’s so much easier. You provide so many tools to help make that happen and that’s just amazing to. Because while I’ve never planted a church, I can only imagine just from my role at my church, how difficult it is to get new butts in the seats every Sunday. It’s hard. It’s not easy. And how do you compete with all the messages that are out there, everything that’s going on it’s just so amazing to see what you’ve done there and how you’ve pulled that together because you just got started in 2022.

Brady, what do you. is the reason you’ve been able to grow so fast. You went from essentially zero to, I think you said what, nearly close to 70, 60, 70 clients now. Is that correct? Correct. How did you do that in less than a year? That’s just amazing growth. Yeah, so a couple of things there. One of them, it’s, you’ve gotta have good results if you’re not providing results for your clients, if you’re not gonna be able to scale.

because you’re not gonna get referrals, you’re not gonna get testimonials. It’s gonna be really hard to grow. And so I’m a big believer in giving them quick wins. And so that’s why we focus so much on lead gen and not that much on seo. Does that mean these churches don’t need seo? No, of course they do.

But here’s the thing, I know it’s gonna take forever to get them results and churches are not made of money and correct. They have limited resources. Look, we can talk about SEO down the road, but this is why I tell our clients, let me build some trust with you first. I can turn on some ads on Facebook tomorrow, and you have a new guest show up on Sunday.

Let’s start getting you some results there, and then we’ll talk about seo. And so that’s the, what we’ll do with our clients. But, so there’s a couple of things that I really think we’re key to our growth. One of them, us, I, we’re Church Candy. We focus on helping churches. We’ve really established a niche inside of that.

Inside of the church planting community. And so if you don’t know a church plant okay, is essentially imagine like a startup if you think of like a tech business startup. But it’s a ministry, it’s a church. So you’re starting a church from scratch. It might just be your family and you wanna grow that family from you, your wife and your kids, to a church that sees 200 people a Sunday.

So there’s a huge community of church planters that literally they’re people that are maybe about my age or maybe a little bit. That have been serving in ministry for several years and they wanna start their own church. And there’s organizations out there that will help them do that by providing finances.

There’s an organization called arc, the Association of Related Churches that will help fund these church planters. And it’s an amazing ministry. And the whole like matched your fundraising dollars up to $50,000 and then you essentially, as your ministry, you to pay back that. , you just tithe 10% of all of the giving revenue that your ministry generates back to that organization.

And they take that and they go reinvest it into more church plants. And so it’s such a cool, it’s such a cool concept. And they’ve planted like over a thousand churches over the past, like 25 years. Oh wow. And. Th they were the ones that our church that I was on staff at, that I still attend today.

That’s how we planted. So I was on staff at a church plant on staff as a volunteer because I was working in Cairo Candy and then serving as the youth pastor. Essentially my free time. And then I was helping us with our Facebook ads. And then I had other church planters reach out. And the reason why I love church planters essentially church plants more than just regular churches, because if you’re a church plant and you’re just getting.

You need to invest in marketing, you need absolutely to get the word out because how else are people gonna know about you compared to a church that’s been there for 50 years? It might not be a need as much as it’s a want. And so I think that’s another thing that has calmed down and helping us scale so quickly is nicheing down.

Like we know what we’re good at and we are the experts in getting new guests and having successful church launches for church. and man, we’ve just had so much favor with that organization arc. And so I’ll take a step back. About a y coming up on a year ago, I had went to their big conference.

I couldn’t even afford a booth at that time. Because they like they’ll let you sponsor it. We didn’t have Sure, like we could have had that money, but we would’ve drained our business, make account and then we would’ve been struggling to to pay our expenses Exactly. Coming. Essentially my hierarchy, candy, paycheck.

I don’t have to fund it. So we didn’t get a booth. We just went, me and my wife went and just tried to make connections. We had a couple of clients at that conference and we just went as partakers, like we just bought tickets and went. And one of the guys that I met there, he had pastored a church and he had essentially done all of the coaching when it came to social media advertising for all of Arc.

And now have you read that book? I’ve actually got a copy of it.

This book, traffic Secrets by Russ. Oh, absolutely. Love it. So one of the things he talks about in here is coming up with a Dream 100, not of hundred ideal clients, but a hundred referral sources or a hundred industry experts. And he, this guy, or his name’s Brad. So I’m just gonna, I’m Brad. He was one of those people.

He, oh, cool. He not only is his own pastor, but he does a lot of coaching inside of this organization that has planted over a thousand churches and they’re planting hundreds of churches a year. And that is my niche. I know that I can get results for these clients. So I wanted to get in good with him.

So I just reached out to him. I was like, Hey man, I just sent you a copy of my book. And so I actually wrote a book called The Plan Your Visit Playbook. I sent him a copy of it. And I was like, Hey man, I’d love to get connected. And he, this guy Brad, he has his own software. It’s not just like a high level white label.

Like he literally had paid a software developer. And to create this tool to help churches get more people to plan a visit to their Sunday services, like a plugin that goes on their website. Sure. And that was another reason why he was on my Dream 100 list, and I took the hermo method of just reaching out to.

trying to build connections and just give value and just give more than I took, like giving value to this guy without expecting anything in return. And what ended up happening is I was like, Hey man, like I love what you guys are doing. I’d love to get connected. We’re getting great results for the churches we’re working with.

I’d love to show you what we’re doing. And he’s absolutely, man. And so I ended up going in and setting up some Facebook ads for him. I was like, no cost. I don’t want you to pay me anything. I just wanna show you what we can do and just help you out with that. So I literally He added me as an admin on his ads account.

And he has another business that like sells l e d walls to churches. And so he’s got all these different entrepreneurial things that I was helping him with and he’s dang, Brady, like we got so many leads. Like I, I have to go hire a new salesperson to follow up, called people. I cannot, I love it.

And he’s dude, this is impressive. And so we started working together and he’s man, Ark has always asked me Ark that big church plant. Association ARC has always asked me like, is there a way for me to just do off service for these churches? But I’ve just never had the capacity to do that.

You guys have amazing systems, you’re getting great results. Would you be interested in doing some kind of jv so a joint venture with arc? , I really, he told me, Jonathan, he said, I bet Arc would actually. For their church planters, they would pay you to do it for the churches. Oh, wow. I did not believe him.

I thought he was I thought it was too good to be true. I was like, sure. I kind blew it off. I was like, sure, man. Yeah. Let’s look into that if our wants to pay for it. Awesome. I just wanted to be one of their preferred partners where you pay like a membership. Exactly. They refer. Planters to them because Ark, yes, they help plant churches, but they also have resources and conferences where thousands of churches go to.

And so they had a big influence. It’s an association, just like any industry association. Sure enough, he wasn’t full of it. He came back and he’s look, Brady I’ve got a meeting another meeting with Ark. They’re really interested in this and I think they’re gonna pay they’re willing to pay for us to do this for these church.

Wow. And I was, oh dang. Okay. Wow. Yeah. Okay, let’s look into that and fast forward going back through some negotiations and all of this. Essentially what happened is ARC is, right now we’re in the middle of what they’re calling a pilot program to where they want us to be their sole provider for digital marketing services for their church plants and their, they covered the cost, they.

for 20 churches to go through our program church plants. Wow. To where the church planter, the church was responsible for paying for the ad spend, but ARC paid for us. So I got 20 new clients like that and I had to go and hire a new team member. Absolutely. Like just to do that. Was gonna see the, we’re still in the middle of it right now, but the back.

The back end of December and the beginning of January, man we’re so hectic. Like it was onboarding all these clients. They had big grand opening services. They were spending thousands of dollars on ads and we had to get it all together. But bro we’ve been killing it for ’em. And I think this pilot program, I think it’s gonna go well enough to where AQ is gonna come back and say, Hey, we want to extend this for every single church that launches with us.

And so they paid for six months of our services for 20 clients. Granted, they we gave them a discount. Sure. But they paid for the full six months all up plant. Oh, nice. Oh, great. Great benefit to the business for all 20 churches wow. For us, we were like, okay, awesome. There’s a lot of revenue and I’m part of me, I’m looking at my bank account.

I was like, bro, I’m gonna go buy a Tesla right now. Like I can finally afford it, . And my wife is like the. Is like the stable person. She’s okay, we gotta remember we have to give Brad and their software company, cuz part of the deal was they would get access to Brad’s software. Sure. And so we’ve gotta give them their cut.

And then also that’s the pay payroll for six months. Because seeing all that lump sum, I’m like, ah, bro. Like we can like, cause our church is doing A new building campaign right now too. Yep. And they’re like, bro, we could give we could be like one of the number one donators like.

Again, don’t talk. My dad this, I’m sure he is gonna listen to this, but I was like, I wanna out give Cairo candy as a company that would be awesome. Year old. Bro, I’m ready. But we haven’t done that yet. The money’s just sent in the account and we’ve tied the, we’ve given 10% of it back. Oh, of course.

Back to the church, obviously. But from there we’re excited to see. See continued growth with that. But man, it’s so cool. Like I, I was getting texts over the past two weeks of these churches that had their grand opening services this past Sunday and the Sunday before they were having hundreds of new people at their, and this is a church on day one, starting with 500, 600, 700 people at their church.

Whoa. And no way. . It’s awesome stuff, man. And now typically with this church planting model, you’re gonna have a huge, day one, you’re gonna have a dip, and then you level it. Yep. So they’re, they expect, A big day one. So let’s say you had 500 people on day one, which a lot of them did.

The lowest was like one 70 and it was in Columbus, Ohio, and it had snowed like crazy that morning. . No. And so they basically had to relaunch again the next Sunday and haven’t gotten back with them to see what their stats were. So 500 on day one, typically 50% the next week. Okay. And then maybe another 25% cut from.

And so you’re getting you’re having a great day one, and then not everyone’s gonna come back, but hopefully if you have good attention, good systems in place, which arc they provided a lot of coaching and resources to help you with that. And so you’re probably gonna level out around 200, 250 maybe, but even then, your first month as a church, it’s great.

I know so many churches that have 20 to 50 people that meet every Sunday. Like I was gonna say, I know church have done five years and haven’t hit the 250 mark yet. Yeah. Like the average church in America only has 65 people in it. And I know that cause I Googled it because I tooked an important stat for me to know.

Absolutely. Cause I had, I, so I’m really big and another thing that’s led to our growth is my niche. It’s easy to make content around. Like for example, if I was working with restoration companies , man, it’s hard to make a TikTok. It’s hey, if you’re a restoration company and you’re looking for, this is the three things you.

It’s hard, like that’s so niche. But for me it’s easy to be like, Hey, if you’re a church, here’s three things you can do to get new guests. Like it’s easy Fork’s algorithm to pick up and show that to church leaders, pastors. Sure. And because it’s ministry things, bro, you can go look at my TikTok.

So many hate comments and people one of the most recent ones was if you are getting paid to preach, you’re doing it wrong. and it’s okay, no pastors should get paid. Bring it on. And so anyway, I love those hate comments. It fuels the algorithm. It gets me more views.

I, I probably have a dozen clients that have found me from just the content we’ve posted on TikTok and Instagram and YouTube shorts. And right now I have a team member. Half of her time is managed on a lot of those new ARC accounts that signed up this past month. The other half of her time is social media management for me.

And so wait. Personally, I deleted Instagram, I deleted TikTok. It’s a time waster for me. I sit there and scroll. , I will check it maybe once a day just to make sure there’s no dms from pastures. Yep. Or like important comments of someone that I, and she helps me with that too. But I still like, and also I want to check stats, like how many views are real got, or how many views the TikTok got.

But, so I’ve got a team member and all she does, other than yes, she’s managing clients, but she’s also sure. Managing my social media, my personal, and so a lot of it’s chopping up podcast clips where I interview big pastors or influencers in ministry chopping that up and posting that as reels and tos.

And that, that’s another thing too, is the niche we’ve chosen. It’s easy to make content around and to find that there. . It may be easy, but I gotta say, Brady, you’ve done an amazing job of creating engaging content. I love the stuff that you’re posting, especially your shorts, because it shows up all the time in my feed, and it’s all really good, actionable, quick hitting.

It’s like you’ve got the formula just perfect. and I think, it really is a testament to your skills and what you’ve done. You made a comment Yeah, go ahead. Before we even move on, do you mind if I share some of the things that I’ve learned in making content?

Please do. No, that’d be great. Okay. So here’s a couple of things. If you want to get more business from TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, this is what you need to do. So you need to realize the most important part of a. Is the first two seconds. People are making decision when they’re scrolling, if they’re gonna watch your video or keep scrolling.

So you need to make it very important that your audience is like, recognized in the first couple of seconds. So I’ll start out every single video. Hey, if you’re a church or a pastor wanting to, right? So if I’m not a church or a pastor I’m, keep scrolling, right? But if I am a church leader or I’m a pastor, I’m gonna be, oh, this is talking to.

I , we call that a hook. So literally I have a Google spreadsheet that me and my team work on, and it’s just full of different hooks of different video ideas. Oh, so a hook is just a video content. La a hook is just the first couple of zins of the video. So start with the hook. You wanna get them to stop scrolling, and then you want to go when to very quick.

Give the info, make it actionable. Go through, edit any gaps. Ums make it very quick. People have super short attention spans. You want it to be a very short video. I try to keep all of ours under 60 seconds. If I can get 30 seconds or less, even better, as long as the info is. . Yep. And then in the end, you always wanna give them a call to action.

I try not to give too many call to actions that are, Hey, and you can get a free copy of my book in my bio. Cause I have a free plus shipping offer where they just pay eight bucks for this book to get it shipped to ’em. I try not to do that too much because I don’t want it to be like too salesy.

A lot of the times my call to ax will be, Hey, if you wanna learn more about social media and churches, I can follow this page. That’s as simple as that man. And. I probably get dms every single day from pastors like, Hey, I wanna learn love your content, love to learn more about what you guys are doing.

And the thing is, a lot of it, like I did one recently and I’ve actually got a couple books. I did one it’s, it was three. Books that every pastor and someone that works at their church that’s like over their social media Yep. Is typically a their role would be a church communications director or church social media manager.

And so I said, Hey, if you’re a pastor or here’s three books every pastor and church social media manager should read. And then one of ’em was metachurch, one of ’em was church communications. I just, I say I just filmed it. I filmed it like a month ago, but I haven’t taken these books off my desks. . That’s alright.

And then the third one was my book. And actually the third one’s gotta be yours. Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. And then, and I said, Hey, this is actually my book. You can get it for free in my bio. Just pay for the shipping. I don’t cover the cost of the book. And one that’s clout for right here, the Dream 100, cuz it’s other influencers, the authors of those books.

And so they commented and they re-shared it on their Instagram stories. But two. I was getting emails from my fulfillment company that ships out the books for me and they’re, Hey, this new order that you put in that’s got us out dry, can you order us some new books? And it was just from that, that one video specifically when that went live.

We got so many people. And then the way that funnel worked is once they ordered the book, It just takes them straight to a calendar that’s hey, get a free church marketing strategy session with Brady below and right now the bottleneck in our business is me because all of our clients, we don’t do any cold calling, don’t do any cold emails.

I don’t have anything against that. It’s just not something that we needed and we, my calendar stays full just from all the inbound we’re getting from referrals, people finding us, TikTok. , the bottleneck is, , I need more people to take these sales calls and Sure. I’ve got another guy that we’re onboarding in February.

We’re recording this in the last day, in January of 2023. So in February, bringing on our first like sales guy, that will be my calendars. Like I’m able to breathe, like even scheduling this podcast interview with you, Jonathan. I’m pretty sure I’d push it back and move it. And I get it though.

Yeah, it was hectic because I’m. , but man, that’s for of social media right now. And earlier I said it was easy. It’s not that it’s easy for my niche compared to some of these other niches, unless you’re just general do work with every kind of contractor and trade it. It might be easy to make content around that, like a Tommy Mellow kind of guy, like depending on.

like any, anyone that works some kind of trade can get value from his content. A lot of these other niches, it’s pro, it’s, I imagine it’s gotta be really hard to make. Content around. And that’s another thing too, man, is you gotta be passionate about the niche that you choose. Oh yeah. Because that’s why I like my dad, he loves chiropractic.

He’s got his own personal testimony of how chiropractic has helped his life and some family members. And so he believes in, he’s passionate about me. He worked in a chiropractic. Church office for years. And for me, grew up in church. I’m passionate about ministry. I’m passionate about the kingdom of God.

I’m it’s easy for me to make content around it. I can imagine if your niche was, restoration companies, you gotta be just pulling out teeth, trying to think of content ideas and trying to trying to make content for your niche specifically. And then you’ve got people like Jonathan other guys in the seven figure Agency mastermind that are, or rock stars is doing stuff like, , no abs.

Absolutely. I was just gonna ask, when you said, it’s a book strategy called With Brady, how long before you implement, and not everybody knows this, but I know from what Cairo Candy does a. , they’ve got a video that your dad does prior to that sales call to prep. How long before Bra? We have Brady’s video that, I can learn from that they see before they go to talk to somebody on your team.

To make sure, cuz it, it seems that your growth, it’s just the next logical step in where you’re headed. Yeah. So that’s the plan. Right now, I just get on a call with them and I do that pre-call live. Yep. . That’s also, that’s the also the issue of building an influencer based business.

And I feel weird absolutely myself, an influencer. No. But you are. But it a very micro influencer for sure. But because I’m the face, if someone else is talking to me or talking to someone else, that’s not me on my team. It’s I can just imagine it’s gonna be harder for that sale. That close rate’s gonna be lower, and that’s just gonna be the way it’s Sure.

It’s the reality. And so I’m gonna have to record some kind of pre-call video that essentially watched through our process. But. . Honestly, I think I’m terrible at sales. I don’t do like the question based framework. I don’t do the the Wolf of Wall Street guy Jordan Belfort, his like, yep.

Straight line approach, all that. I’m bad. I’m gonna be like, Hey, what’s up? How’d, what made you wanna reach out? I asked them, I asked the pastor, what made you wanna reach out and get on Zoom today? And then I just kind of word vomit, share my screen show results and the it.

also, that’s another thing too, is like whenever you just have case studies and good results, like you don’t need to be good at sales. Like you can just show I literally just share my screen. Hey, this is what we do. This is how much it costs. One of the big things for us is there’s two costs that Yep.

Go us is ad spend. Then there’s us. Number one question is, okay, how much did I spend on ads? I just created a, we call it the church candy calculator, church candy.com/calculator. This was gonna be my ninja. So spoiler, no one steal this , and I’m not gonna be there in March for Josh Nelson seven. So over the summer, I’ll share this with everyone.

But it’s essentially a calculator where you put in the goal to whatever your KPI is. So whether it’s number of appointments booked for our clients, it’s new guests showing up to their church. That’s the kpi that’s important. Yep. So we put, okay, how many new guests do you.

And then the next one is on average we see each family member is about 2.4 people. And then we put what’s our estimated show rate. And it really, we found for this, doing this with church, his, their show rate on how many people show up is a hundred percent dependent on how they follow up.

And I guess that’s probably with any industry. But we found a lot of these churches will have 60, 70% show. With the people that plan in a visit to their church, if they just make a connection with someone from that staff, that church’s staff. Makes sense. Yeah. And so yeah, we have we coach them on following up and getting in touch with them.

And then from there, the next one is estimated cost per lead. And so we essentially just plug in. Our average cost per lead will show them like, Hey, look here, the average to be conservative, we say it. $20 lead. We show case studies of it being way lower, but we say, Hey, we also wanna manage your expectations.

So it should be conservative and say $20 now. And it’s basically a formula that Sure spits out saying, okay, you need to spend this much based on all those goals. And I want to like start, I talked to my team about this, like I wanna pay like an actual software developer. To make this like an actual thing on our website that’s an actual calculator.

Cool. Not cool. Cause right now it’s like a Google spreadsheet that people just have to go in and duplicate. But I want this to be, and I think it’s just a great tool that makes it super predictable and it’s okay, sweet. Yeah. If I spend this much on ads and then hey we get it out and because we have a plan in place and we’re not just yeah, we’re gonna hope for the best and we’ll.

We’ll do some seo, man. This is how much I don’t know about seo, saying we’ll do some SEO what is it on the movies? We’re gonna hack into the mainframe. Yeah. All right. I just did, I did some seo I just started sharing my screen or something. No. Let’s, yeah, we’re good. We just get good results and that’s what’s killing it for.

I so appreciate to share. I’ve got a couple quick questions, and I know we’re running up on a time barrier, so I want to be quick, but one question that I know I hear all the time, and I’d love to hear your response on it, is how can you market the church? The church shouldn’t need marketing.

Now, I don’t agree with that at all, but I’d love to hear your perspective on that, Brady, because obviously you’re adding. Not only you built a successful business apart from that, you’re building the kingdom through what you’re doing. How would you respond to somebody that says, Hey, if this thing’s so awesome and this church is so great, they don’t need any marketing.

That’s a, I love that question. So a couple of things there. One, if they don’t need marketing, then it depends what do you mean by marketing? Okay, then they don’t need a sign on their building. . Thank you. Okay. What about, okay, what if we look at the New Testament? You know that word of mouth is a form of marketing, right?

Absolutely. That’s the thing. And that’s how the New Testament Church was built. And here’s the thing, these days, people’s attention are right here. It’s on their phones. . . And I believe if Jesus has called us to go onto the world and make disciples, guess what? The world is on their phones.

Always consuming content. Thank you. And that’s why I believe that the church should be the front runners in taking advantage of honestly. I personally, I think I even said I don’t even have social media in my phone. I deleted Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, just because for me it was a time waster. I just spent so much time on it.

Sure. I think honestly, social media is a net negative on the world. Like I think it has taken away and made the world worse than it has better. I say all that and that I’ve made all my money from social media because of that. But all that being said, I, and not to be like too cliche, but let’s take what the enemy has made for.

And how can we use that to serve the kingdom of God? How can we use that to, to build the kingdom? And so that’s where that comes in because Awesome. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having the same people that say your church doesn’t need marketing. They’re the same people that are probably saying oh, these churches, they just care about the numbers.

Bro, cared about the numbers. Go read the book of Acts whenever it talks about how there were 3000 people on the very first day of the Christian Church whenever Peter had that very first church service in the upper room. Yep. Absolutely. Why would it document how many people were there if they didn’t care about the numbers?

absolutely would that. So obviously, like they care about the numbers, every single number, who’s a soul? That’s a person who, God has a purpose for their life. And I want to get them connected to a church and a ministry that can help them walk in that and grow in their relationship with God and step into the purpose that God has called in their life.

And that’s my soapbox. That’s my typical answer to that question. I love it. I cannot imagine a better use of accounts God’s given. Than to help promote his kingdom plain and simple and you’re just exemplifying that. Awesome. One question before we go and we’ll make it quick, but I always ask everybody before the end of the podcast, because we’ve got a lot of people that watch this, that are business leaders, that maybe as the economy is changing a little bit in 2023 and 24, they’re thinking about starting a side gig.

Maybe they’re in a position where they’re gonna lose a job and want to go out on their own. As somebody who’s absolutely nailed it over the last year, what advice would you give to somebody if I said, Hey, Brady, here’s a thousand bucks a computer and a phone. Don’t worry about food, don’t worry about lodging.

You’re all set. You’ve got a vehicle, but what would you do in the first 91 days or three months to build a business that was gonna be creating ongoing revenue? If I said, Hey, here’s a grand, a phone and a computer, what would you do in the first 90 days? . That’s great question. So here’s the thing. If I had to do this and it couldn’t be in ministry, it couldn’t, I couldn’t just redo church candy.

Yep. Try something new. Yep. Yeah. So what my dad did is he actually used to work in office for a chiropractor, and that’s how he gotten to know the industry. That’s how he was able to get that foothold, got referrals from that. Me, I used to work in a church. I still go to the church that still serve.

I was literally playing drums on Sunday, but I was on staff as a youth. . So that was my end. So honestly be honest, had to start over. I would find a niche that I can provide lead generation services for. So not just website and seo. I need quick wins. Yep. I need lead generation to worry if I can turn on an ad on TikTok or Facebook.

It gets them a win. It gets them a new customer. Yep. I need to find a niche. and I would go get a j O b, I would straight up go work for ’em. Go find someone that’s hiring, bro. There’s so many places out there that have now, yeah, now hiring sites and people don’t wanna work. People would rather spend time on their phones.

So I would go and straight up write a business plan like, look, I know you’re looking for a chiropractic position. Or I’ll do the hard work, I’ll scrub the floors, I’ll do all of that. All I want in exchange is one you don’t even have to pay me, or you can pay me minimum. Just do not break any like labor laws.

I want a case study. Yep. I’ve got this skill that is a marketable skill to where I understand I can use digital marketing, use ads on social media to get you new business. Let me do that for you. I would go get a J o b, get them results once you have a case study you’re in. Yeah. And it’s important that you wanna find someone to go do this.

That has somewhat of influence. Don’t go do this at Correct. At a start. At a startup that is just getting started. That doesn’t have a we like at Chiropra Candy, we don’t like taking on brand new chiropractors that are just getting started. Church can’s a little bit different. , we’ll take the brand new church plants the way you’re designed.

Yep. And the reason why a Kairo community we don’t like that is because it, it’s like everything’s dependent on us. And the thing is, we would much rather take a business that’s doing good and bring them from good to great. Absolutely. And that’s why all the experts Josh Nelson’s of the world say, when you’re choosing a niche and you don’t wanna just niche in plumbers, you wanna niche down to plumbers that are making at least a million dollars a year in revenue.

So go find a client. Absolutely. That’s already has a successful business. Work for ’em. Go scrub their toilets. Go do, go get your elbow elbows dirty. Go do the dirty work for them. You would get them results. And then once you get a case study, then you’re in. Then you can go do the get involved in associations, go ask for referrals, maybe do a JV to where they’re the face of the company, whereas you do the fulfillment.

That’s great advice. Yeah. That’s one of the easiest ways to get success. That’s what I would do if stuff hit the fan and, church candy ended and chiro candy into tomorrow, I would go get a job at a dentist’s office, or maybe not dental, but I would find a niche. I would do some research.

Something. Yeah. I’d find, I’d go get a job there. part of that in the agreement getting hired. And if any good business owner would absolutely take this would be me providing digital marketing services for them as well as scrubbing toilets and whatever that looked like. Yeah. Fantastic advice.

Well, Brady, I want to thank you again for coming on. I know you’ve got an incredibly busy schedule. I’m bummed I won’t be able to actually meet you in person in March, but it sounds like July maybe. We’ll have to try to get you down to Miami and hopefully we’ll be able to see you then. But we just, I’m so grateful for you for the abundance mentality you’ve got in sharing what you’re doing and all that.

And just kudos for, again, really. Just building an amazing business, serving and using those talents and what I gotta say is the best way possible serving God and building his church in the process. So thank you so much for your time. Last thing before we go, if anybody wants to learn more about what you do, what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you, get a copy of your book, talk to you, whatever, what’s the next best step for them to.

Yeah, you can look me up. I’m at Brady sticker on most of the social media platforms, and Jonathan, thank you so much for having me. Man, I know I was listing all these stats and the strategies that we use to be successful, but at the end of the day, you’re awesome. At the end of the day, man, like honestly, it’s just God’s favor and he’s been faithful.

We’ve been faithful to him, and he’s been faithful right back, and man we’re extremely blessed and we’re super thankful to God for everything that he’s done in our lives and is gonna continue to do with Chiro candy and church candy in the future. Yeah. Ditto. And I can’t agree with you more.

Brady, thank you again. We really appreciate your time. Awesome, man. You guys have a good one.