4 Simple Steps to KICK BUTT LOCAL SEO

Create Your Google My Business Profile


Google My Business is Google’s version of what used to be known as the Yellow Pages – except Google My Business actually works. Registering and validating your business and your business locations with Google My Business is the first thing you should do if you have not done so already.

Take the time to complete your business profile as Google will use this information to help direct people (prospective customers) to your website based on their search. Setting up and completing your Google My Business profile shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes and will provide you with a solid start to your search engine optimization.

Bonus Tip!
Remember to add updates to your Google My Business page so that Google doesn’t “de-verify” your location due to inactivity. A few times a year will do although once or more a month would be best!


Use Your Location (City) in Your Page Titles and Content

It is important to add your location to categories, page titles, blog post titles and to your website content. Typically your location will be your city although in some cases it may be a more specific locale. Have multiple locations? Create a separate page for each location and include the location for each location on that page.

Imagine for a moment that you are the proprietor of a new brewery in the “Up Town” area of Grand Rapids. When you create your content use titles and phrases similar to “The newest brewery in Up Town, Grand Rapids.

If you are writing a blog post about something that impacts a particular locale make sure to use the name of the locale in your blog title and in the blog post content.

Bonus Tip!
The next time a customer tells you how thrilled they are with your products and services ask them to leave you a positive review on Google – and provide them a link to your Google My Business Review page.

Build Local Reviews with Purpose

With the explosion of new businesses adding their two bits online it’s more important than ever to work purposely to ensure that your organization is seen favorably. One of the most productive tasks you can complete is to cultivate local reviews from your happy customers. Although there are numerous online review sites we recommend that you work to build your reviews on your Google My Business page. If your business happens to be a restaurant then we also recommend that you build your reviews on Yelp in conjunction with your Google review efforts.

Have you ever heard:

“If you don’t ask you won’t get.”?

This truth applies specifically when it comes to asking for positive reviews.

Ask and you shall receive!


Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

In 2016 it’s likely that 50% or more of your website traffic will originate from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out on 1/2 of more of your website leads!

Your best solution is to have a responsive website that automatically formats to each device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, wide screen desktop, etc.). If you must you can have a separate mobile version of your website although this does require you to maintain two separate websites – a desktop and a mobile version.

Still not convinced? In April of 2015 Google began penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly. If your audience is searching for you on their mobile devices then your site will be lost at the bottom of the search results unless your site is mobile friendly. Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Check it out with Google’s Mobile Test at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Bonus Tip!
Although it’s best to ensure your entire website is responsive and mobile friendly, if you can’t accomplish this then at least create a single page mobile version of your website with your contact information and key areas of service.


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