10 Timeless Video Blogging Tips from 7 Years Ago that STILL Work in 2023

I originally published this video on April 20, 2016 – nearly 7 years ago. These 10 video blogging tips are still relevant today . . . don’t beleive me? Check them out!

10 simple and easy online video ideas for you.

You’ve probably heard that online video may be the single best way to advertise your business organization online. Certainly, it’s an incredible online marketing tool, but oftentimes we wonder what in the world are we gonna make these videos of? Well, here are 10 simple ideas for you to.

Number 1 – Make a Big Announcement

Tell everybody something great about your organization, something new that’s happening. Announce a new product, a new service, new staff, new team members, whatever. Share that big announcement and put it on video.

Number 2 – Customer Testimonials

Put those customer testimonials on video and let everybody see those happy customers telling them What a great job you do

Number 3 – How do you do it?

You do a lot of different things in your business. Share some how-tos. Give some tips. Let your audience know how to do various things. This does two things. One, it creates more credibility. And two, it helps the audience understand your area of expertise.

Number 4 – Go Behind the Scenes

Share some inside stories. Tell us what happens behind the boardroom door. Tell us what happens after we leave your office. Let us know how you deliver. Let us know how your products work. Let us know how your services get delivered.

Number 5 – How is it made?

If you’re in a manufacturing facility, walk us down the line, and show us what you’re doing. If you’re making a product on an assembly line, walk along that assembly line. Show us how the people on your team care. Show us how things go together. If you’re just offering services, show your team at work. Show those collaboration meetings.

Show them sitting at their desk. Make it easy for us to see how hard you work to deliver great products or services to us.

Number 6 – Demonstrate Unique Ways to Use Your Products

We all know that there are certain things that we just assume when we hear about various products. Talk and share ways that your clients have used your product in unique and interesting ways as an opportunity to expand the box and the constraints that people think about your product within.

Number 7 – Show off and introduce your team.

There’s no better way than video to help us see who the team is and help us understand who it is that we’re working with on a day-to-day basis. Let your audience know who your team is, share your qualifications, and please let your team speak as well. We’d love to hear from them.

Number 8 – Do an interview with an industry expert.

This may be somebody on your staff, maybe an engineer who’s hidden in the back room working night and day. Maybe it’s an industry expert from one of the vendors that you can share. Do that interview on video and tell us more about them and about you.

Number 9 – Before & After Video

If your business is a sort that can do before and afters, share the before and the after on video. Imagine you’re a carpet cleaning company and you wanna show the carpet dirty before and clean after, or maybe a restoration firm that shows the mess of the house and how beautiful it is when it’s done.

Show those before and after shots and help us see what a huge and dramatic difference your business makes for.

Number 10 – Say thank you to your customers and your clients

Video is much more engaging than text. Much more engaging than audio. Studies tell us that people will watch a two-minute video when they may not even read two paragraphs of text.

Click Here to see the Original Video from 2016!

So use video as a way to say thank you to your customers and clients for having faith and trust in you. If we’ve tweaked your imagination and you have some ideas or any questions, feel free to give the team at Valoris circle a call. We would love to chat with you about how to use online video to promote your organization.

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