Website Maintenance Terms & Conditions

A. Valorous Circle supports the latest versions (excluding alpha and beta releases) of web browsers from Google, Microsoft, Firefox, and Apple. Valorous Circle does not include support for Internet Explorer unless specifically noted in our proposals and/or support quotes. For more information, read the following about Internet Explorer’s security vulnerabilities and Microsoft’s specific recommendation to discontinue the use of Internet Explorer —

B. If the available maintenance credits for your website have been utilized for a given month, the client will be charged $75 for each credit needed to complete additional support requests.

C. Additional credits can be purchased for $75 each or in bulk (contact a Valorous Circle representative for details).

D. When a support request is submitted, Valorous Circle will provide a quote for the work requested. Quotes will be based on the number of credits it will take to cover the cost of the ticket. If credits are available on your account, they will be applied first, and any remaining cost will be invoiced.

E. Payment for support services is required before service is rendered.

F. If you wish to be considered for payment terms, you may complete and submit a credit application to [email protected] Contact Valorous Circle to obtain a copy of our credit application.

G. Although it is our goal to be responsive and timely in replying to support requests and in completing support tasks, we provide no guarantee as to the completion date or time for a given support request.

H. Because Valorous Circle provides our clients with complete access to their websites (unless the client has purchased and is currently participating in our SPOTLIGHT program), we are not responsible for the functionality of a website beyond 30 days post go-live.

Subject to change without notice.