Why Facebook Branding Improves Your Business’ Digital Footprint

Pairing your digital home and social media is always a no-brainer, which is why you need Facebook branding. Sometimes a website is like a mousetrap, you can build the best one, but if nobody knows it exists, it’s worthless. Adding a social media juggernaut like Facebook will boost your company’s brand awareness.

Social sites like Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, may not be for every business, but everyone needs Facebook to compete in the digital marketplace.

Facebook branding contains a lot more moving parts than creating a profile page for yourself.

Sure, there are the basics, like selecting your profile picture and cover photo.


Valorous Circle's example of Facebook Branding


But what are your profile and cover photos going to show? Do you have the primary logo, or are you offering a personal service? Do you have a specific location or a handful? What is your call to action going to be and how do you want people to contact you?

All of these questions are the tip of the iceberg – and we’re only focusing on two graphics.

The ability to communicate your message efficiently doesn’t begin and end with timely posts, videos, and offers. Adding background information creates a sense of legitimacy when early pages lack content.


A Great Website is Only Half the Battle

Filling out the About page on your Facebook branding efforts is no different than adding information to your website, and just as vital. A story of how your business came to be, a missions statement, hours of operation, other social handles, phone numbers, email addresses and a map are essential functions that highlight your business.

Everyone online is looking for a way to integrate a product or service into a given lifestyle. Facebook is an extension of your website – a teaser trailer if you will.

Creating a social media persona that aids potential customers in identifying what your organization is about and why it can help them, keep them informed, but most of all, entertained.


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Facebook Branding: About Page

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