No Excuses! One Entrepreneur’s Quest to Succeed over All Odds.



Hi, and welcome to the Valor Circle Podcast. Today I am truly honored to be meeting with a new friend of mine out of Tampa, Florida. Aiden Silvers of Green marketing is with us today. Aiden’s gonna share with us a little bit about kind of his philosophy and how we started his business. Some of the trials he’s went through and probably make us laugh a little bit along the way.

Aiden, welcome and thank you so much for joining us today. I am truly grateful. I know you’ve got a lot going on and I appreciate you taking the time. How would you like to introduce yourself to the rest of the group here? Thank you. Yeah, it’s a pleasure and honor to be, Jonathan, I love a lot of the work you do and someone that I can look up to and mold myself to follow some of the awesome stuff that I observe you doing.

Thank you. That’s very kind like Jonathan Staff. My name is Aiden. I am the founder and CEO of Green Marketing. We are a digital marketing agency and inish of the landscaping realm, lawn, hair, trees, and stuff like. We are basically a all inclusive kind of service provider. We don’t do a la car.

It’s either all or nothing. So everything from websites, SEO ads, social media, et cetera, we offer it in our programs. I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, within the niche for about four or five. We are actually based out of all over Florida. I myself am in seed rain, Florida, central.

I think you might have got Tampa from one of our fellow associates, Tony Ricketts, who is also in the green industry who’s an amazing business owner and just fantastic what he does. And also a role model to me as well. But yeah, that’s a little, a bit about me and my professional kind of journey.

I’m into a lot of things like mindset and spirituality and just personal development, persevering through adversity and the challenges that life throws at you. And absolutely. Or Jonathan will, we can dive into a lot more of that here. We will. Thanks for clarifying that, and I really appreciate you going through that introduction, Aiden.

So I know a lot of the viewers are gonna be curious right away, so I’m gonna jump right in. You obviously, and one of the things that’s impressed me, so about you, Aiden, is your perseverance and the fact that you’re a no excuses guy. You don’t make any excuses. Not everybody that I get to interview is laying in the bed and dealing with that

Can you share a little bit about the physical conditions that you’re suffering from and just. People understand. Okay. What’s up with Aiden? Obviously you and I have talked before when you’re in your wheelchair and things like that, but I also know that a lot of times you’re operating like you are now from bed because of some of the physical limitations you’ve got.

Can you share a little bit about those and help us understand maybe why you’ve never used that as an excuse? Cuz it’d be so easy to go, Oh, I can’t do anything. And you’ve done just the opposite. Aiden? Yeah, a hundred percent. It’s really funny because. I, as someone who lives as Aiden every day, like disability is just part of my world, like my physical, Sure.

Stature is like just normal. And so I’ll have calls with people who don’t know who I am, like they haven’t followed me on Facebook. Most of our audience who are interested in working together know the business through me on Facebook or social media, but sometimes we’ll get like a Google lead, right? Who finds.

On Google and they’ll schedule a call with me and I’ll forget they don’t know anything about me and my disability and my my journey, right? And I’ll have a camera on and stuff and they’ll just be like in shock and they’ll what’s going on? And I’ll be like, Alright, I forgot.

I forgot to give you the preface of Aiden and who I am. But yeah, like Jonathan. I do offer it here for my bed. I have a physical disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA for short. It’s a normal mu neuromuscular disease. You’re born with it. Both of your parents have to carry the gene.

Mine did. And then out of every four children, one of them will have sma. SMA is a broad. Spectrum. Most infants who did it have it really bad and pass away within shortly after birth because they don’t have muscle to breathe or organ function. And then there’s individuals like me who are somewhere in the middle of that.

I have complete organ function, verbal ability. I can eat my food, right? I like chew my food. And then you have people that can walk and live a normalish life, but maybe fatigue really quickly. And as time goes on, it gets a little worse from them, right? So there’s three different types. I’m somewhere in the middle.

I’ve been in the state that I’m in now for about let’s. I’m like 28 now, , like 15, 14, 15 years. Okay. But yeah, I used to be able to like, feed myself and play Xbox and all this stuff. And as time goes on, deteriorates. So I’ve been in this state for a while. I do operate for my bed just because it’s what’s efficient and comfortable for me.

And I can actually only sit in my wh. For about an hour before I start getting uncomfortable. So this is my office right now and I hustle it up 8, 12, 16 hours a day. And sorry for the long run. I know you asked the question of how, what was the question again? Would. No you’ve done an amazing job answering that.

You, One of the things Aiden, that impressed me immediately when we first met was just the fact that you work. Incredibly hard, and you’re incredibly focused. And in the entire time I’ve known you, you’ve never once used your physical limitations as an excuse to not do anything, whether it was serving a client participating in an event or anything like that.

And candidly, I, it’s just super impressive in today’s society when so many people have excuses for everything that you never have won. And I’m just totally impressed with you. Tell me if you will and tell everybody else a little bit if you. How do you keep yourself motivated, Aiden, when you know we all have bad days and things like that.

And obviously such a blessing that you’ve been able to do the things you have, but tell me just a little bit about how do you keep yourself motivated? Yeah, it’s a great question and a broad question, and that’s something that everybody probably has trouble answering, right? Oh, yeah. But I think that my destiny.

That I will fulfill later in life, five to plus years from now, maybe sooner, is redefining the definition of adversity and what it means in life. So I truly feel like adversity is the way to really become the person you’re supposed to become. Because if things are too good, then you succumb to your wants and your desires.

This Lamborghini or this money or whatever, right? You’re never able to really sculpt your inner self, your core being, and therefore you’re never really happy because you don’t know what you want. You just think you know what you want based on what the world and society tells you. And so through adversity, it challenges you to overcome and gives you an option.

To either fall into victimhood, or become a warrior and persevere and win. And I think that’s the purpose of life, is you’re just constantly tested. It’s just one big test after that, the next, and it’s up to you if you’re gonna succumb to that or overcome And absolutely.

As someone with a disability what do I consider to be a severe physical disability? I’ve faced a lot of adversity in life early at an early age. However, I would say honestly that it’s maybe 20% of the adversity that I’ve faced with 80% being some pretty impactful things. Probably the lowest level of parenting possible.

No, no education whatsoever. I was taken to school in the fourth grade. No social life, no opportunity for career, nothing, just sheltered, if you will. And so that’s been a big thing for me. So I face a lot and I think it acceler accelerated. My growth as a person and as Aiden, and I think 28 year old Aiden is equal to 50 year old Bob in some ways, right?

Cause I’ve, Oh, lived to a lot of different things and experienced a lot of different things. And I also think that there’s a lot of pros versus cons to me having the life I’ve lived. I didn’t have a lot of options to go play football or be the high school, sweetheart or whatever. Like I didn’t have a bunch of distractions.

No drugs, no partying, no alcohol. It’s just what are you gonna do with your life and what options do you have? And my options were really just digital world. So Sure. It’s are you gonna do this or. and when I was 18, I decided to do it, and here we are, . And you’ve done just an amazing job in the last 10 years of building a successful agency that I know your focus is on, serving your customers and doing a great job of that.

And I’ve seen some of your work as well and have been totally impressed with that as well. Let me ask you a business related question. A lot of our audience here, our other business owners and people like that, and one of the things I love to ask is, What things have you learned over the last 10 years in building your business that if you could speak to yourself back at 18 or 19 again as you were just getting started, what’s one piece of advice that you might give your 18 or 19 year old self today?

I think the biggest piece of advice that I would give is not be so close minded on listening. Authorities in the industry and other individuals who do what you do. And you know me and you are part of Seven Figure Agency, a mastermind for agency owners. I joined in Aish. . It just has been so abundant for me ever since then from the perspective of okay, here’s these hundreds of other guys and gal.

And they’re all doing it and they’re all having success at it, right? And if they can do it, like why can’t I do it? And it also gives you hope because when you’re solo dolo, lone wolf, you have all these ideas and strategies and right, Like you think you know what you want, but you’re not really sure. And it’s imposter syndrome.

Is this gonna work? How do I know? Maybe I’m wasting all this time. The fact is I have been doing this for 10 years and the first seven I’ve made no more than 30, 40,000 a year gross. Not profit like gross. I’m like any profit, right? And that’s bad. That’s pretty bad. However, today we’re at basically 48,000 a month now recurring revenue.

That’s amazing. Wow. So 7, 8, 9 years. To become an overnight success, basically. Always. That’s the way it works. Yeah. But myself in the past was very close minded and I don’t wanna listen to others because I wanna have experienced it for myself, learn it for myself, and then implement. And I still am that way but unfortunately I think that my upbringing. My quote unquote role models that I had available to me played a role in that because it wasn’t like I was getting advised by agency owners, right? Sure. Uh, People that I didn’t feel knew what they were speaking of, and that closed my mind off to the entire concept of coaching and peers and all these different things that a mastermind group would offer.

And it really doesn’t elevate you. It elevates you to another. That’s great advice and I couldn’t agree with you more on the seven figure agency. As you mentioned, that’s where we met through that mastermind group. And we joined last November and have just been absolutely amazed at the value that comes from surrounding yourself with other abundance minded experts.

Everybody in that group is willing to share. And you don’t. I’ve literally, in the almost year we’ve been involved, I’ve not met a single taker. Every single person wants to share and is there to help even direct competitors, which is a, an amazing thing in today’s society. I think that’s just great advice that you give would give yourself then and I think something that’s so applicable today that so often we tend to close our minds and not think about things and there’s opportunities.

If we look even though it took me 11 years to find it, it took you almost 10. If we look there are those opportunities. For us as business owners to surround ourselves with excellence and what an incredible difference it’s made for your business as you share, and what an incredible difference it’s made for ours on the same magnitude.

And it’s just, it’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. So that’s really exciting. And kudos on your growth, by the way. That’s amazing growth over a very short period of time. Oh, I really appreciate it. It, it is surreal. We. ambitions that are just like, people would think it’s silly, that’s the thought of it.

What’s interesting is like in this mastermind group, there’s certain people that I consider to be like just the top dog of agency owners in general. Yeah. And they’re like, Oh, Aiden, you’re like a badass. Look at you you’re amazing. And. What, like I’m nothing, like I look at people like you, Jonathan, and I’m like, You’re the badass, right?

Who am I? But we all look at each other. , and we just see the potential in each other and it’s just Oh man, I wanna be a part of their journey. Like I wanna see them succeed. And I’ve been helped by many people who I’m sure their hourly rate. thousands of dollars for an hour. And those?

Oh yeah, absolutely. Three hours and be like, Hey man, like here’s what we did, blah, blah, blah. What are you doing for this and that stuff is just priceless. Not only are you learning directly from someone that is super involved in success within your, your business category, but it’s just the perspective of seeing someone else do.

that motivates me and makes me accountable. Jonathan, like they made that post for you the, a week or two ago, and it’s like that you broke annual revenue records. Yeah. I’m like, Alright, Jonathan, I see you. I’m gonna be the next one up there. So it’s fun. And that, that’s what’s so cool about it.

And you’re absolutely right. It’s just, and let me tell you, I can tell you why everybody thinks you’re a badass because. If I were in your shoes, Aiden, I don’t know. I’d be where I am today. I don’t know. I would’ve been able to keep that positive mental outlook and to have stuck with it. The world, like we said, is full of excuses.

And while I don’t think any of us have dwelled on those you’re impressive because you are, first of all, you’re incredibly mature for 28. And on the conversations that we’ve had and the business acumen that you’ve grown and have you’re very mature for your age and.

You’ve got a disability that many people would just allow them to push them aside essentially, and go I’ll exist. I’ll play Xbox and try to make my day as pleasant as possible. And you’ve just done the opposite. I You’ve excelled, you’ve buckled down. And I can say as somebody that’s talked to you through the group, you’ve always.

An attitude of wanting to learn. And I think that’s so amazing because there’s no one in that group that acts like they have all the answers. And you and I both know people in that group that we both look up to tremendously that have done far better than I’ve ever dreamed of. And even they don’t act like they’ve got all the answers.

They’re very humble they’re very abundance minded. And man, what an incredible difference that makes in life. Yeah, absolutely. And I will say that, . I think a big part of my, early teens, young adulthood, even all the way up until today, a huge role model and figure for me to look up to is Gary Vaynerchuck and oh, content that he produces and wildly successful agency owner, entrepreneur, like huge, right?

But he’s one of the most. Humble human humanity type of individual that I’ve ever met. And I’ve had the blessing and of talking with him a few times and doing some podcasts with him. And we actually have one scheduled in January. And he’s played like a really big role in my life to shape my mental structure.

And it really is all about emotional intelligence. I feel like things like gratitude and empathy and patience and right conviction and curiosity, right? Like all these things are very difficult to grasp and to understand, but I think when you start learning them and you go through life and experience things, it’s oh, that’s what that means.

That’s what that means. I want more of that, so I’m gonna put it in this little box in my head and try to find more things in that category. Absolutely. And that’s really helped me develop a lot as a person. I truly think that your business is a direct result of who you are. And the results that you create.

Especially as an agency owner, you. , it’s probably one of, if not the most difficult business types to run. Like it’s hard enough to grow your business. We’re growing businesses for other businesses, right? Absolutely. And it’s chaos. And so especially with the direct correlation of like yourself as a CEO and visionary, it really aligns.

Direct impact that it has in your business. So true. So true. Yeah. And just another area of kudos, and again why, Aiden? We, so many of us think you’re a badass. Let me ask the audience here, I know you can’t answer, but how many of you would one, have the guts and two have the wherewithal to make a phone call?

And get ahold of Gary Vaynerchuck and getting booked to be on your podcast. Aiden’s done that and it’s amazing and can’t wait to see that episode. I know you were telling me about that communication with Gary and his team and how that went. And I know you’re booked, you said January, right?

I believe, for that podcast. Yeah. January. Correct. That’s so cool. Talk about a rockstar to be able to get into chat. And I, you’ll just do an amazing job. I cannot wait to see. that episode when it comes out. Yeah. I think it really is just a, it’s all about positioning yourself for opportunities, right?

Yeah. I absolutely mean I’ve worked my way into a position to get that podcast with Gary over years and years. I understand him so well as an individual through consuming his content for. I know how to pull his heartstrings, right? , I know what to talk about with him and to connect and to resonate and I mean we have very similar beliefs and so all that, to come to a point to where I see him in a lot of that, a live chat like Discord.

I don’t know if you’re familiar. I absolutely right. And he was just there chatting and Hey, Gary. Still podcast with me and he is Next year I’m available. Get a, but, so I hit up his team and we got a but. So well. Go ahead. I’m sorry, Aiden. I was gonna say, it’s a little bit of luck, right?

Nothing wrong with a little bit of luck though. But what inspired me about that is the way you went about it. So you like me, I’m sure get dozens if not hundreds of emails a day from people that are hitting us up about the latest and greatest way to generate leads, to build their business, to do whatever the case may be.

I get so sick of them, but you did. By building a relationship and you took the time to invest, and you were telling me how you’ve been involved in some of Gary’s various operations over the last number of years, getting to a point that he knew who you were so that you could begin to have that conversation.

You didn’t begin. I always compare it to a dating relationship. You didn’t begin by bumping into him and then go, Hey, let’s get married. You had an opportunity to build that relationship and show him that you weren’t there to just be a taker, but you were there to add value to what he was doing, that you guys shared interests and you shared some passions.

And as a result of. When that opportunity presented itself for the podcast, you were in a great position to do so because he already knew who Aiden Silvers was. He was familiar with what value you brought to the table, and you weren’t one of those people that just popped up in front of him he’d never met before that wanted to take from Gary.

And I think the way you built that relationship and the way you’ve done that with so many of us in seven Figure Agency has been so impressive because you’ve always been focused. On value. Even as we were prepping in the green room for this, your statement to me was, Hey Jonathan, I just want to provide value to your listeners.

And I think as entrepreneurs and as business owners, there’s so much for us to learn that if we focus on providing that value, that the opportunities. Come through the, it’s whether you wanna call it business karma or whatever it doesn’t really matter, it is truly what comes around, goes around.

And when you’re abundance minded and you’re focusing on value those opportunities come back to you in spades. Yeah, just kudos on that and thanks for sharing that story of how you did that. That’s just amazing. So no worries. One, one more question, and I told you I wouldn’t hold you much longer.

I’m bumping up on our time limits, Aiden, but if I could one, one question. If you, at 28 were told, Hey, Aiden you gotta start over. You’ve got a thousand dollars to your name. What would you do in the first 30 to 60 days to jumpstart As, and I’m assuming maybe I shouldn’t assume, I’d assume you’d restart your business, but what would you do in the first 30 to 60 days to jumpstart your success if you were gonna start all over?

That’s a tough one. Yeah. I think there’s a lighter, I should have prepped you better . I think you tried to, and I maybe didn’t prep as good as I should have, but there’s a lot of variables in that. I think I would continue doing what I do today, which is build brand and so powerful.

And it’s so on topic with what you were just discussing as businesses, I think we get too consumed with the idea of like business, corporate, buy the book type of realm. We forget that we’re humans. Everyone in our organization is human. Everyone in our audience is human. And humans build relationships.

We wanna be social, we wanna connect. We wanna know more about each other. If we have trust, that’s a huge plus. If we’re able to see that you’re an authority, that’s a huge plus. So I would just continue doing what I’m doing, which is building a massive brand of someone that wants to give to the. Someone that has solutions for the industry, and I literally will, I’ll call you on the phone and tell you step by step what you need to do, like what you need to do to achieve it.

You need to hire me to do it right. And that just comes back tenfold in a lot of different ways. Whether you wanna call that karma like Jonathan said. And just being a real person. I have superb relationships. 90% of our clients and we have about 40 clients, and we have people that will call me at two three in the morning and talk about a relationship issue right?

Like we work together for years and it’s my job to make them successful and help guide them through business, and business is part of life. Absolutely. Separate it way too much. No, absolutely. I was just listening to a podcast last week and one of the things that I thought was so interesting is they were actually interviewing a gentleman who’s now taken three businesses to multiple eight figures and had exits, successful exits, which is of course just amazing, but huge.

One of the things he said, he learned very early on and he started as an electrician and one of the things he learned early on is, all. Let me take a step back. He was asked at a seminar what’s your line of work? And he thought I’m an electrician. I, I put in wires, I make power flow, that type of stuff.

And he was challenged and he says, No. You’re in the marketing business. I don’t care what you do. Your business is, your job is to market your business, to market your service, to help convince the clients who you can make their, the ones that you can make their lives better. To help them understand that you can make their lives better.

You can add value to what they’re doing, and you can help them achieve their goals and dreams as well. And I thought that was so profound to hear from someone who considered himself an electrician at the time, to have that revelation that. As an electrical contractor and an electrician. His job really was marketing and focused on that, and I think that really fits in with what you were just saying as well.

To add on that Gary B said something similar to where you’re not, an electrician or a roofer, you’re a media company. Oh, so true. You need to produce content at scale that’s relevant and contextual to your audience on the platforms that they’re. Yep. It’s straightforward when you say it like that, right?

But people can’t accept that as the answer, unfortunately. Oh, so true. Some magic pill that you take and you wake up and you’re rich, right? No. Yeah, I wish, Yeah, I wish. One more question for you, cuz I know you know Gary and you follow him and collaborate with him on some things. Yesterday I was watching one of his newest videos.

I think he released it on Friday, but I’d have to trouble check that. And he was talking about how he believes, and of course, Gary’s always looking ahead trying to find that next thing. He was on TikTok before any of us were, and he was talking about doing videos on Facebook before any of us were and all that.

Gary believes according to this new video that LinkedIn is where Facebook was five years ago and. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we really need to be focusing not only on the other channels, but focus on building a brand and building an audience on LinkedIn because he believes that for the next year or so, the algorithm is going to greatly reward those that are working to do it on that platform.

Just curious your thoughts on that. I admit I had not really thought about LinkedIn in that capacity. But I know Gary’s a lot more involved in that and it pays a lot closer to attention to some of what’s happening behind the scenes. What’s your take on that perspective from Gary? Yeah, I’ve also heard this from Gary.

I, listen to a lot of content, so I know all the, all his sure ideas of what’s working and what’s not. He’s been talking about LinkedIn for a long time, and I believe he said, it’s on the way out soon. When that happens. It could be a year, it could be two. , but it certainly, right now, the organic reach capabilities on LinkedIn are just massive.

Yeah. And yeah, what that means is just content that you create. You don’t need to run ads against it. You don’t need to do anything special. Just organic content and connecting with the right people. However, something extremely underrated. I don’t know if it will ever be properly rated because of the stigma.

It’s TikTok. , a lot of people, Oh, it’s a dancing app and young kids, whatever. Tick’s algorithm is if I’m not mistaken, it’s like very unique and very innovative to where Absolutely it shows you content based on what you wanna see. Your answers. Yeah. Not based on who you are, but on, on what you wanna see.

And I think that’s just so amazing. It really is. So if you are let’s just use someone into faith, right? Really into faith. Yep. You’re gonna scroll TikTok. And when a faith video appears, you’re gonna watch the whole thing. You might like it, you might comment, you might share, you might watch it again.

TikTok is gonna pick up on that instantly. So I show you more of that. Pretty soon. Your whole feed is gonna be faith based. Exactly. So you are into. Satisfactory videos. Pressure washing is a very satisfactory thing to watch. So if you’re a pressure washing company and you’re not running TikTok, you are not hitting all those housewives that scroll TikTok and look at satisfactory videos and it’s huge.

Like you’re missing a gold. I’m a hip cause I don’t use it. No, I agree with you. And I admit I was late to that particular party. I’m on it now when I’m working on it. But one of the things that is one of those duh moments in my mind is when you realize that. Historically, most people, YouTube Instagram, Facebook, they’ve been showing us content largely based on the people that we follow versus upon our interests.

And TikTok tweaked that and really made just a massive change to focus less on the people that we follow and more on the type of content that we’re engaging with. And while that does, when it relates to the people that we follow, we know. Different people have different types of content and I like some of what Gary puts out.

I don’t like everything that Gary puts out. I like some of what Patrick bat David puts out. I don’t like everything that he puts out. But TikTok was smart enough to say, Wow, there’s a correlation between the stuff that Jonathan likes that Gary does, the stuff that he, Patrick back. David puts out that he likes the stuff out that a host of others and of course now I can’t think of anybody cuz I’m on the spot, which is always dangerous, right?

But, Alex, her Mosy, and the whole team, it’s not just that I follow those individuals, it’s which bits of their content. Do I engage with? And then they show me more content, like the content that I’ve engaged with, regardless of who created it. And I just think that’s such a huge paradigm shift in allowing that artificial intelligence to deliver to us.

And it’s really the trend I think, of where everything’s gonna be going over the next few years. Oh, absolutely. You know what El, what else it’s doing I know we’re out of time here soon, but I’m having so much fun chatting with you, so forgive me. I’m good if you are. So we. I think it’s making content creators really up their game because if you’re not bet capturing the consumer, I wanna say three seconds, but I feel like that might even be too long.

Understand. I think they’re sliding, they’re scrolling by, so you have to really be creative and come up with ideas to capture their attention. And what that does is what I. It makes the one to put in the work reaps the rewards, right? Like you’re not just gonna get on TikTok, throw some videos up that are poor quality, no thought put into it, right?

It might be okay, but you’re not gonna be viral. If you do put thought into it in the time and the work and the energy and the resources, you got a really good chance that it’s gonna do well, right? Regardless of who your audience. If you’re a Rubiks Cube fanatic, like it’s ridiculous, right? Cause it’s interest based against also one of my thoughts is that in, in the future, maybe 10 plus years from now, like blockchain is just gonna be everything.

It’s gonna Oh, absolutely. The new internet. And so everyone out there who is Struggl. With marketing today, with Web 2.0, with social media, Google, TikTok, you guys are just gonna be blown in the dust when Web three comes around with the blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, smart contracts. gotta, You gotta catch up because we’re getting to a point.

Virtual reality, right? Jonathan? You bet there’s so much around the corner that isn’t here yet, but I would bet my life it’s coming and it’s gonna make things very convenient for people and legitimate and private and authentic. It’s just gonna be solutions all around. And for those of you that are like, Oh, it’s hoopla, right?

Bitcoin, ha ha. Okay, you can laugh now. Just like you had a pager and you said, I’ll never get a flip phone and now you have an iPhone 12. Oh, so true. Great analogy. It’s Gary, be analogy. So Yeah, no, I recognize it, but it’s, I agree with it and I think it makes so much sense Aiden I notice it looks like you’ve got a Guinness Book of World record book that you’re holding there.

Am I reading that right? Upside down? It is, and it’s just purely a random book that works for me. . Oh, okay. We can edit that part out, but I thought that is so cool. He’s got a Guinness Book of World Records. I wonder if there’s something about that. So that’s really cool. There’s not, I make use of my surroundings, my friends, so that’s awesome.

It’s funny cause I had a photo from. Six years ago, and it was the same book and it’s all tethered and ripped up and I got it like duct taped and fit for my needs. And it’s you bet I’m sure I could spend some money and get something that looks cooler, but like why? And that’s huge thing we could talk about for hours too, is too many people buy stuff for other people, enough for them, right?

. And then when I have oh, I have. Fancy car, right? And that’s what people are gonna know me for, and they’re gonna think I’m better because of that. And it’s like, why do you really care what they think of you? Because they don’t control anything in your life. Absolutely. Setting yourself up for failure all around and disappointment and reliance on others, and.

Stats. I don’t know how this crappy book segued into that, but I think it’s just my mindset of using what’s at your disposal and trying to not care about, like what other people, if I cared, I wouldn’t be here in my bed. But you are such a motivation to others because you don’t allow yourself to worry about that.

And that’s huge. And I think we all can do that and we can learn from that agent. And I think it’s a, it’s just great advice and great counsel and candidly, amazing wisdom. I’m an old timer here at 53 compared to you at 28, but my friend you’re full of wisdom and I just want to thank you so much for the time you’ve given us today.

I know you’ve, you’re, you, like me, are trying to run a very busy business and I’m grateful for you taking the time outta your day and just so looking forward to. Continuing to get to know you better as we collaborate on different projects. And hopefully in March when we have that intensive in Miami, hopefully I’ll be able to meet you in person.

Absolutely. It’s my pleasure friend. And we’re both just getting started. We have so much potential and things that we’re gonna do in life, and one thing I am gonna have to ask you, Teach me how to grow an awesome beard like that. So people, people think that I’m actually an adult and not some kid, right?

Oh I gotta tell you, that’s a god thing. I I’ve always been able to grow facial hair. What will keep the camera pointed the way it is because it’s getting really thin up top . But yeah, no, we’re that’s reshifted the focus of where it’s gonna grow. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. He manifested it right.

I I wish it would keep growing. It’s stopped in length though. And it’s a little funky at the moment cause I was just outside we were testing some things out in a new mic out in the wind and I wasn’t thinking I was gonna be back on camera today. I’m like, Oh, I gotta go back in and do the podcast and

But . Yeah, I definitely I enjoy it. It’s something that’s unique and as my wife reminds me, there aren’t many six foot three, 400 pound guys walking around with big white beards. And it tends to get me a little bit of attention, which I suppose isn’t normally a bad thing, you don’t get attention regardless, so just do what you want

Yeah. But like you said, it’s, some people love it, some people hate it, and I just don’t care. I like it. My wife likes it. As a result, it’s all good. So a hundred percent brother. Awesome. Aiden, thank you again so much. You’re a blessing to know. I’m so thankful for you and I just wish you all the best continued success and growth and we will definitely be, continue to be in touch.

Thank you, Aiden. Pleasure. See you later. All right. Have a great one. You too.