Three Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Authority

Increase Your Authority With These Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing offers many benefits to businesses when used properly. Each platform offers you the potential to do customer and competitor research, run targeted ads, increase website traffic, and more.

However, if you misuse this opportunity, it will cause you more harm than good, leading you to miss out on any of the benefits.

The following social media marketing tips will guide you on the path to boosting your authority.

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1. Moderation is key: When it comes to social media, people post regularly throughout the day. You may worry that your content gets lost in the mix and think you have to post 20 plus times a day to counter that. However, posting too much comes off as spammy and people will get sick of it quickly. Instead, you should aim to limit your posting and strategically post at times when you get the most engagement.

To find out exactly when and how often to post on specific platforms, check out Social Media Week’s article.

2. Don’t think only of selling: Contrary to what some might believe, just because you have followers or fans on social media doesn’t mean that you have a free pass to sell, sell, sell. Only posting self-promoting content can be the quickest way to lose all of your follower base. You should use social media to connect with and build relationships with customers, providing value to them and building their trust, so when it is time for them to buy, they come to you as the authority.

3. Remember the “social” in social media: While automation tools are great for increasing efficiency, you don’t want to ignore your posts after you schedule them. Otherwise, you may miss out on connection opportunities when people like, share, or comment on your content. And similar to number two, you shouldn’t post only salesy type content. Aim to have a nice mix between sharing other people’s content, some of your own, and also some non-business related posts. Show your human side to get people to engage more.

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