Stewart Industries

Visual storytelling websites capture the imagination of audiences yearning to be impressed.

This is how Stewart Industries came to Valorous Circle. The company was growing upward and outward. Expanding into aerospace markets, innovating outdated technologies, and becoming a foreign trade certified were catapulting Stewart into unfamiliar territories.

Their website wasn’t keeping up with the forward momentum.

Stewart Industry doesn’t rest on its laurels. Assembly, inspection, quality containment and sorting, sequencing and sorting, medical PPE manufacturing. Stewart is in a constant state of movement to “improve product quality, line balance issues, off-line processes, and support the overall effectiveness to their current customer base.”

What happens when a company’s brand identity outpaces its website?

You need a new website, of course.

Movement must match movement. A website design that no longer matches the current state of the company will not succeed without changing dynamically. By introducing moving elements – video backgrounds, sweeping headlines, and layering content – the target audience can experience how Stewart Industries operates.

If movement must match movement, innovation must pair with revitalization. With a more specific target market, odds are high that visitors are knowledgeable of what Stewart offers its customers. There is a fundamental difference, however, between finding a product specifications and services, and understanding (visually) how those products and services will complement your business.

The best part about visual storytelling websites is that, like their paperback counterparts, typically lead to happy endings. Stewart Industries and other organizations rely on Valorous Circle to produce websites that motivate target audiences to become qualified leads. Because the audience, regardless of expertise on a particular product or service, wants to be swayed by intriguing visuals as often as relevant information.

The two could not go more hand in hand.

Forming emotional connections to manufacturing and assembly services may not be Valorous Circle’s forte, but telling stories most definitely is.

By telling Stewart Industry’s story through movement and design, we also share how their history shapes their future. And what an exciting future it’s turning out to be.

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