Simplify and Streamline Employee Training with a New Website

We previously discussed how even if you have no need to find new clients or sell any products, a new website can still provide a great benefit to you. In that example, we looked at how an updated site allowed a large manufacturing company to continue attracting top talent to work for them.

Employee TrainingToday, we will look into a steel company that has multiple locations across the nation. Again we find a situation where the company wasn’t primarily interested in adding any new business or selling their products online. They, too, believed their old website served its purpose and needed to do nothing more. Why did they decide to spend money on a new website then?

Having multiple locations spread around the country means for employee training you either need to have all people travel to a central location or have managers offer on-the-job training in their specific situation. While both options can work, the first can cost a lot, and the other means people won’t receive the same exercise in every area, as no two people will train precisely the same way. That’s where a new website, and more specifically, a learning management system comes into play.

This company didn’t even realize a new website offering them a potential solution at first, although they knew that to keep providing an outstanding product and service, new employees needed proper training and existing team members required continuing education. If they kept the status quo, the practice would have resulted in higher costs and inconsistent instruction. What they found was they could implement an online learning management system at a much lower price and ensure that every employee received all of the necessary training and that all training was presented consistently.

The beautiful thing about the learning management system was that the company could create custom training content, including various courses and quizzes, and decide if they wanted people to finish the program at their own pace or set a schedule. Also, the program allows for automatic grading so that employees can figure out their scores instantly, and management can track training progress for their team.

When faced with a potential problem, this company found a solution they did not initially realize was an option. At first, they didn’t think they needed to upgrade their website, but in doing so, they also implemented a learning management system to streamline employee training all across the country. The added benefits of the site being newer and faster were just bonuses.

You don’t have to work in the manufacturing industry to attract new talent or provide consistent employee training. Regardless of what type of business you run, you can likely benefit from having a new website—in more ways than you can imagine. It doesn’t have to be very complicated, either. Even a smaller website can put forth a professional image while providing your audience with engaging information.

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