How to Avoid Snake-Oil SEO Sellers

Quick SEO results are a myth. There’s no way to guarantee a top spot on Google, especially when it’s a last-ditch effort to gain clicks before your busy season.

Why does this myth persist despite the breadth of knowledge to the contrary? Because in the world of search engine optimization, there are plenty of ‘true experts’ willing to sell you top spots regardless if an audience exists.

Valorous Circle has a post debunking the four central SEO myths, one of which included the ability to receive quick SEO results from the get-go. In that blog, we explain that most search engine optimization best practices takes time.

The best ways to steer your SEO efforts in the right direction take weeks, if not months, to have a plan come together. Google is persnickety when it comes to its rankings, and no detail about your webpages is too small for its algorithms to judge.

Search engine success depends on your willingness to work on your website and diagnose issues. Yes, there are tools to identify problem areas. However, you (or your online marketing experts) must still put in the work to make your site attractive online real estate.

When competitors already put in the work to boost listings, it’s up to you to gain a competitive edge. If all you desire is a higher link placement, then advertising and search engine marketing are options.

If you want to compete with your rivals, developing a comprehensive SEO plan may not be the quickest option, but it is the smartest one.

Anyone can buy their way to the top or bottom of the first page. Google Ads, formerly Adwords, earn over 100 billion dollars in revenue each year from selling ‘fast-acting’ pay per click results.

Results that business leaders view as data-suspect and a third of consumers view as untrustworthy.

Unlike traditional business models of high expense and high reward, spending the most on google for quick SEO results typically leads to disappointment. Why?

Snake-oil SEO sellers play fast and loose with the data. An agency might bid on keywords that earn you the top spot in a keyword hardly anyone was searching for with no relation to what you’re offering. Google doesn’t put up any roadblocks, either. Their business plan is to sell ad space, not give you the most sound advice while doing so.

Here is a list of resources you can use to feel safer when starting your Google Ads campaign.

Neil Patel’s 7 Deadly AdWords Mistakes

Search Engine Journal’s 10 AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

Semrush’s 9 Common and Costly Google Ads Mistakes

The best optimization plan will always be the one that improves the overall value of your website. Superficial actions like Google Ads or social media advertising will still benefit the search engine or network first, and your business second.

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