A Quick Self SEO Analysis: Are You Committing These 4 Common SEO Errors?

SEO Analysis

Proper search engine optimization provides tremendous benefits to your business. When a solid SEO strategy is created and implemented, you stand to gain a large increase in traffic to your website. Not just any traffic, but specific, relevant traffic.

What makes SEO such an important piece of your digital marketing is that compared to other methods, it is extremely cost effective. For no money at all, you can do basic keyword research and begin to optimize your site for what your desired keywords are.

Additionally, SEO is valuable because results can be measured. When you choose a keyword to optimize for and make the necessary updates, you can then see if you receive any additional traffic in the coming days and weeks. You can also measure if you get any more subscribers, any more sales, or an increase in your ranking for that keyword in Google.

You can see the importance of SEO—now it’s time to do a quick self SEO analysis.

Four Common SEO Errors and How to Solve Them

1. Not Creating Content: You can’t optimize something that doesn’t exist. Thus, your number one responsibility in following your SEO strategy is the creation of content for your blog, landing pages, or fleshing out already existing content on your site. Google regularly crawls your site, so consistently adding new content allows you a greater opportunity to be found for more keywords.

2. Improper On-Page Optimization: While creating content is the number one responsibility, that content goes to waste if you fail to follow proper optimization standards. For example, you want to be sure that your target keyword is added to the following locations:

  • The Title
  • The Meta Description
  • The URL
  • An H1 Tag
  • Sprinkled in the Body (2% – 5% of all words)
  • Alt Image Tags

3. Poor Domain Authority: Unfortunately, poor domain authority is not a problem you can fix overnight. However, SEO itself is a long-term strategy (link to investing / seo video post), so having no domain authority now doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck at the bottom of Google search results pages forever. By consistently adding new, optimized content, Google will begin to view your site as a leader in your industry. Thus, your site will begin to rank much higher for your target keywords.

4. Failing to Measure Results: Part of the reason SEO is so valuable is because you can see if what you’re doing is working. You can test different tactics and find what works best for you. If you are not monitoring your results, then how do you know if what you’re doing is working? Using Google Analytics, or whatever your preferred analytics platform, you can see if there are increases in traffic, increases in sales, or jumps in search results. When you find what does work, keep doing it. When you find what doesn’t, adjust your strategy. Don’t skip out on measuring results.

Does SEO confuse you? Do you want a deeper SEO analysis on your site? Give us a call today at 616.929.0790 to find out how we can help.

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