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A popular practice among HVAC, plumbing, and general contractor websites is using cookie-cutter templates. Colors are uninspiring, the outdated website is years past relevancy, and the design offers little in creative quality.

What they are rich in, however, is information. Presenting a site made to impress Google’s search indexes and impressing your target audience don’t always go hand in hand. Sunrise Heating & Plumbing is one of these sites. Now.

The former Sunrise site was as cookie-cutter as you can get. In fact, several other HVAC companies across the state of Michigan had this same format, style, and colorization. Very little creative elements, aside from the header banner and logo, differed from each website. But they had unique content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and web development are perfect partners. While a new site doesn’t make it easier for Google to index your content, you can create a new way for the viewer to interact with your content and enhance the user experience.

Good content, if you index your site properly, can lead you up the rankings. Good content and great design separates the top results. Make your website something people want to come back to.

After Valorous Circle stripped the sidebar and overwhelming header information away, we set our sights on reorganizing the treasure trove of usable content. First, we had to answer one big question:

If the age of the bland web template is over, how do we make blocks of copy stand out and make sense to the audience?

Design elements are our forte, but when companies already have usable content, a developer has to ensure what’s written on the page doesn’t lose its visual worth on the front end, and SEO value on the back.

Our answer was to introduce a color pattern more in tune with Sunrise’s instead of the original outdated website template. It’s surprising what you can achieve by changing the colors from blue and bold black to gray, subtle yellow and vibrant red.


By adding this ‘pop’ element of primary colors in front of a flowing gray and white background, the new Sunrise site highlights services their customers can easily identify beyond bold headers and monotonous text.

Ensuring a proper transition of a company’s usable content is vital to the success of their future SEO efforts. But once they find your content, having an attractive site is the cherry on top that will convert that lead.

If you have content people should read, don’t settle for the easiest digital option. It’s time to stand out.

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