MaxAir Trampolines

Asking yourself how to market a product online is perfectly fine. And changing the way to do it is also completely normal. But if something isn’t working, like a website, you may need a change more than you think. Good designers still experience limitations due to a lack of knowledge or resources. MaxAir Trampolines had a website showcasing their products, and not much else. The old site was failing at emotionally moving its viewers, a false step considering trampolines instill immediate joy.If you intend to sell a product “Like Nothing Else,” you darn well better make it move viewers in any direction you choose.

 The power of the new MaxAir website is just that, movement. Whether it’s kids skyrocketing in the air from the base of a trampoline to snowboarders grabbing big air on fresh powder, you can’t help but want to join the excitement.

Still-life can only represent so much when you’re dealing with action sports. The addition of video replays on the home page attracts potential customers away from the competition, but it’s not the only reason to love the new MaxAir website.


Contrary to popular belief, you still need to shine a brand new pair of shoes. New websites work the same. It would be irresponsible to take a website public without giving it a polish soon after.

MaxAir’s former site rested on its laurels with photo galleries, sliders, and some fancy icon graphics. But new shoes still need to be broken in, and a new website needs to have more than a handful of bells and whistles.

Valorous Circle gave MaxAir precisely what it needs with a solid layer of substance – their product in action – while polishing all of the stylistic elements of its former site.
Facts and data and figures aren’t often sexy, even if your products are giant trampolines. You need graphics and artistry to let your customers know what excitement awaits.

Customers want to experience the same joy you receive from creating, marketing, and using your products or services. Without this element, they’re stuck looking at pictures instead picturing yourself in the lives of others enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Learning how to market a product online can be difficult if you don’t figure out what makes people move.

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