Hancock Chimney

Hancock is a premier chimney, fireplace and masonry company in West Michigan. Equipped with several sprinter vans able to transport ladders, sweeps, scans, cameras and other tools of the trade, Hancock Chimney Service is no small operation. Even with 15,000 homes under its belt since 1980, something was missing in recent years–lead generation.

WordPress is an excellent website framework for business to share their story, services, and products to the online world, which is why 28.9% of the top 10 million websites use it.

Having a WordPress based website, and a domain isn’t the final step, however. A great platform works wonders for ease-of-use, although there is a significant difference between owning a 4-door car and owning a high-performance touring sedan.

Both will get you from point A to point B, but you’ll appreciate one far more than the other. And tell all your friends about it. Before Hancock began working with Valorous Circle, they received three website leads in the previous six months.

Until late October 2017, users saw the before image when landing on hancockchimney.com. Was it WordPress? Yes. But was it reaching its full potential? No.

Valorous Circle encounters websites providing a poor user experience virtually every day. Ineffective use of space, poor color matching, lack of design oversight and poor search engine execution results in less lead generation and lost opportunities.


A new re-designed and enhanced hancockchimney.com website debuted two weeks from this report. Look for yourself (AFTER) and see the difference between something you bought and something you own.

The Hancock Chimney redesign follows Valorous Circle’s search engine optimization best practices, making it engaging for users and Google alike. Pairing progressive SEO with WordPress configuration best practices creates a powerful marketing tool Hancock can use for years to come.

In the 14 days since its digital re-launch, Hancock’s website generated leads grew from three in six months to 23 in two weeks, with 20 making appointments for one of their five leading services!

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