Should You Use Instagram for Business?

At the time of this writing, over 500 million people actively use Instagram. While not everyone is a potential client, the numbers don’t lie—people are on Instagram. In addition, these people engage with brands on Instagram more than any other social media platform. Putting it in perspective: Facebook offers the second greatest rate of engagement with brands and it’s ten times less.

Should you use Instagram for business? Yes.

Instagram for Business Imagery

Why You Should Use Instagram for Business

Get Personal
Behind every business is a story of why it exists and a team of people who keep things moving. Instagram offers you the chance to show your personal side. You can take shots of your office space, employees interacting with one another, or unfinished work from your current project. Incorporating personality into your Instagram account will encourage more engagement from followers.

User Generated Content
People love to follow the majority. When potential customers see that others have used and liked your product, they trust you more than reading a blog post where you toot your own horn. Thus, when your clients take a picture or video while using your product, you can repost the media to your own account or use it on pages of your website to increase your social proof.

Drive Traffic
Like with any other social media platform, your primary goal should be to drive traffic back to your website and grow your business. Considering greatest engagement comes on Instagram, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Not every post should be self-promotion, but when used sparingly, you can lead people to landing pages that encourage signing up for your email list, buying a product, or reading a blog post.

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