How to Recover or Claim a Facebook Page that Belongs to You

Unfortunately, needing to learn how to recover a Facebook page occurs quite frequently. When your personal or organization page is in the hands of someone else, it can be quite stressful.

Some instances where this is common can be:

  • Bygone — You didn’t create the page, but someone who previously worked for the company did, and now they’re long gone.
  • Spite — You had to fire someone who was the page admin, but forgot to delete them from your accounts, so they deleted you instead.
  • Buzz — Facebook automatically creates a page when enough people ‘check in’ and leave reviews when no other viable page option is present.

If any of these situations relate to you, watch at this helpful video by Jerry Potter on how to recover a Facebook page and hopefully you can get back control!

Please note that the team at Valorous Circle does not have the ability to help you recover your Facebook page. If your Facebook page has been compromised you'll need to reach out to Facebook at

Now, what happens in the absolute worst-case scenario — your Facebook page, or rather your account, has become compromised?

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